Review the Artificial Turf weekly Field Inspection Report.

Spectators are not permitted during outdoor sporting events as per new public health orders relating to COVID-19 announced on November 19, 2020.

Current Inspection Date

November 26, 2020

Field Name Status Comments
Clayton Bowling Green Open  
Cloverdale Athletic Synthetic #1 Open  
Cloverdale Athletic Synthetic #2 Open  
Cloverdale Athletic Synthetic #3 Open  
Hjorth Road Synthetic #1 Open  
Hjorth Road Synthetic #2 Open  
Newton Athletic Synthetic #1 Open  
Newton Athletic Synthetic #2 Open  
Newton Athletic Synthetic #3 Open  
Newton Athletic Synthetic #4 Open  
Newton Athletic Synthetic Mini #1 Open  
South Surrey Athletic Synthetic #3 Open  
South Surrey Athletic Synthetic #9 Open  
South Surrey Athletic Synthetic #10 Open  
Tamanawis Synthetic #1 Open  
Tamanawis Synthetic #2 Open  
Tom Binnie Synthetic Open  

Notes on Light Schedules

All turf fields now have confirming light schedules. This means lights will not turn on unless first activated by entering a field code number prior to your designated start time. Our goal with the confirming light schedules are to be good stewards of the community through responsible field use.

Once you've received your confirming light code number, some things to note:

  • Step 1: Enter 5 digit PIN#.
  • Step 2: Press Zone (#)
  • Step 3: Press #. The # key is to turn the lights on.
    Example: 234561# : The 1 is the designated zone number. Different for each lit field.
    To turn the lights off repeat steps 1 and 2, and in Step 3 press * at the end.
  • If you don't have a booking or it is too early in the day (bright out), the lights will not come on.
  • If you have a booking that starts early but goes on until darkness, you can input the code when you arrive and the lights will come on 60 minutes prior to sunset.
  • If you're the first booking of the evening, lights will only come on 10 minutes prior to the start of your booking, regardless of how dark it is.
  • Please turn the lights off if you are the last booking for the evening or the field is unoccupied when you leave. If the next team(s) show up late, the lights can be turned on immediately, however, there will be up to a 15-minute delay to allow for a system cool down period before the lights are re-energized.
  • When you arrive to the field as a new user group, you must enter your PIN, even if the lights are on when you arrive as those lights will turn off ten minutes after the former group's booking ends.

If there are any problems turning lights on, contact the emergency number, Fire Base at 604-543-6700, and they will contact a staff person.

Obtain current codes through your designated club representatives.