Review the Guildford Town Centre weekly Field Inspection Report.

All indoor and outdoor team sports for people 22 years of age and older are suspended until February 5, 2021.

Indoor and outdoor sport for people under 22 years of age can continue, but participants must maintain a physical distance of 3 metres from one another, and activities should be low risk of transmitting COVID-19 (e.g. individual activities, group training that maintains physical distance). 

Games, tournaments and competitions for teams are not allowed. 

Spectators are also not permitted during any sporting events.

Current Inspection Date

January 14, 2021

Field Name Status Comments
Bonaccord Closed Soccer Field
Erma Stephenson Closed Soccer Field
Fraser Heights Closed North Full-Size Soccer Field
Fraser Heights 8v8 Soccer Closed South 8v8 Field
Hjorth Mini Soccer #1 Closed Mini on South Field
Hjorth Mini Soccer #2 Closed Mini on North Field
Holly Gravel Field Open  
Lionel Courchene Closed Soccer Field
North Surrey Field #1 Closed Upper Field (Summer)
North Surrey Soccer #2 Closed Lower Full-Size Soccer Field
North Surrey Soccer #3 Closed Full-Size Soccer Field on Oval
Port Kells Closed Field Lacrosse
Robin Closed Mini Soccer Field


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