Tree Blocks a Car

Learn about potential service disruptions in your neighbourhood when a severe weather event happens in Surrey.

Service Updates

Snow, Ice & Winter Weather

Snow removal is done based on priority of each road. Review our snow and ice removal process for more information.

For any emergency situation where there is an immediate threat to public safety, call 9-1-1. For non-emergency issues, Report a Problem online, or call the City at 604-591-4152.

Frozen Water Lines

Learn what to do if you suspect your water line has frozen or burst.

Waste Collection

During severe snowstorms there may be delays in your waste collection schedule. Please check our waste collection webpage for any posted schedule changes.

Extreme Weather Shelters

Call 2-1-1 or visit the BC Housing website for available shelter beds and services.

Wind-Related Problems

  • For trees across power lines, call the BC Hydro Emergency line at 1-888-769-3766.
  • For downed power lines, stay back at least 10 metres and call 9-1-1.
  • If a fallen tree or branch is blocking traffic, or otherwise impacting City infrastructure, including parks, call the City at 604-591-4152 or Report a Problem online.
  • If a tree has fallen on your property, see our tree removal page to learn your next steps.

Flooding-Related Problems

To report flooded roads, call 604-591-4152 or Report a Problem online.

To prevent flooding on your property, see our flood prevention tips.

In the event of a larger flood, further instructions will be provided on our flood alerts along the Fraser River page and our flood preparedness page.

Power Outages

Check the BC Hydro outage map or list to see if your power outage has been reported.

Follow BC Hydro Twitter for updates.

City Facility Closures

Recreation Centres

If you are planning to visit a Recreation Centre, check first to see if it's open. Sometimes power outages limit our opening hours. Closure alerts will be posted on each facility's webpage


Parks remain open in severe weather, but in the case of heavy snowfall, the parking lots may not be cleared until other priority routes are cleared first. 

Outdoor Sports Fields 

Outdoor sports field are inspected weekly. Check on the status of your intended field before heading out to play.

Road Closures & Transit Disruptions

See planned road closures on our road closures webpage.

For transit disruptions, check the TransLink website for updates.