Calling all artists! Submit your proposal for an art exhibition at the Crescent Beach Pop-Up Gallery. This opportunity is open to artists from all disciplines, levels, and backgrounds.

Application deadline is 11:59pm on December 13, 2023

The Crescent Beach Pop-Up gallery is in the heart of Crescent Beach. The gallery’s purpose is to support Surrey artists and build connections with local community.


  • Selected artist groups rent the gallery for 4 weeks, inclusive of setup, take-down, and restoring any wall damage.
  • Gallery rental is offered at no charge, but requires security deposit, insurance, and signing a hold harmless agreement.
  • Artists can host a variety of events and activities, such as workshops or collaborative projects.
  • Artists are permitted to sell artwork from the gallery.

Conditions of use

  • Exhibitions are open to groups of two people or more. One of the artists must be a Surrey resident.
  • Selected groups are eligible to rent the gallery free of charge. Renting the gallery requires signing a rental and hold harmless agreements, paying a $250 refundable deposit, and obtaining insurance.
  • In exchange for use of the space, groups must be open on the weekends and at least other day per week.
  • Artists are fully responsible for operations during the time they are scheduled at the gallery. This includes opening/lock up, gallery staffing and leaving the gallery in a suitable condition.
  • Following the exhibition, artists are responsible for restoring any wall damage. Costs associated with damaged wall that are not restored may be pulled from the security deposit.
  • Groups must provide their own Commercial General Liability insurance* or purchase insurance through the City of Surrey.
    *$5 Million occurrence-based limit with the City of Surrey added as Additional Insured

Apply online

Complete the online application form before 11:59pm December 13, 2023.

Application includes:

  • Name of group.
  • Contact information: name, phone, email, address.
  • Names of artists and websites.
  • List the public events you will have.
  • Three preferred exhibition slots in 2024.

To avoid losing your work, we encourage you to review this application, answer the questions in a separate document and to copy and paste into this form when you are ready to submit it.