The verandah and wheelchair ramp

A resource of heritage activities to fill your days with reflection and fun.

Experience the Farm from Home

While the farmhouse is closed, take a virtual tour of the house to see each and every detail, complete with educational descriptions.

Heritage Kitchen at Home

Try out our recipes to taste local heritage. Stay tuned as new recipes are added.
Orange White Chocolate Cranberry Cookies Recipe
Butter Tart Recipe
Soft Gingerbread Cookies
Old Fashioned Scones Recipe 
Thumbprint Cookie Recipe 
Scottish Shortbread Recipe
Applesauce Rhubarb Loaf
Lemon Poppyseed Muffins

Driving Tours

Hop in the car to explore Surrey's heritage. We will add a tour for a different neigborhood each week.

South Surrey Driving Tour and Map
Whalley Driving Tour and Map
Port Kells and Clayton Driving Tour and Map
Cloverdale Driving Tour and Map


Footprint Bee Craft

Resources for Teachers

Inspire your students with an experience of farm life from home. We are taking some of the best activities from our onsite school programs and making them available to become part of your remote learning work plans.

In the House

Make Butter at Home
Parlour Games and Toys Teachers' Guide
Parlour Games and Toys Activity Guide

Family History Activities

Immigration History Teachers' Guide
Immigration History Worksheet
Heirlooms Teachers' Guide
Heirlooms Worksheet


Let's Get Growing Teachers' Guide
Printable Plant Life Cycle Cards
Seed Paper Flower Teachers' Guide
Seed Paper Flower Activity Guide


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