The back of the house and the heritage garden

Photography at Historic Stewart Farm is strongly encouraged! Ask us about taking photos at our magical location.

With such a picturesque setting, it is no surprise Historic Stewart Farm is a photographer favourite. Your photo sessions are encouraged on the Farm grounds and in front of our heritage gardens. Parking is free but very limited so plan accordingly and mind the parking signs. Note that limousines take up parking spots from other visitors – please be respectful.

Booking a Photography Shoot

Phone ahead at 604-591-4627 to make prior arrangements. This is important to ensure scheduled programming does not interfere with your photoshoot. Please note that priority on the grounds is given to program and event attendees and touring visitors. Share the park with respect.


We ask that photographers help us keep our rural setting magical.

  • Photography is not permitted in any of the buildings
  • Do not smoke or drink alcohol on the park grounds
  • Stay out of garden beds
  • Do not block building entrances or exits for safety reasons
  • Take verandah and fence photos without sitting on these items
  • Bring small photography parties only
  • Leave benches and other items where they are for others to enjoy

In accordance with Parks Bylaw 13480, we ask that all groups using the Historic Stewart Farm property for photography:

  1. Refrain from consuming alcohol
  2. Do not interfere with the free use and enjoyment of the park for others