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The latest Community Treasures installment at MOS.

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Museum of Surrey 17710 56A Avenue, Surrey

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Community Treasures Meets Fiji

Nestled within Surrey’s population, lies a unique Indo-Fijian culture born from the tropical paradise of the Fiji Islands. Explore the shared history of these Voyager People who left India in search for a future but found hardship in Fiji before finally finding a home here in Surrey.

Surrey’s Rizwaan Abbas is a local archaeologist of Indo-Fijian descent. He organized the exhibit at MOS. Abbas said he was inspired to tell the story of Indo-Fijian people as he spent time alone with his father while his father lay dying. That is when he decided to study his father's culture. His motivation for the exhibit was his desire to tell the story of Indo-Fijians, a community, he says, that not many people know about.

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“Many people do not realize that the Indo-Fijian population in Surrey is one of the four largest diasporas in the world,” Abbas said. “With this exhibit I am trying to introduce the shared history of the Indo-Fijian people, explain the details of Indo-Fijian culture: food, music, language, clothing etc., and showcase businesses and social programs in Surrey which help to perpetuate the Indo-Fijian culture.”

-Rizwaan Abbas

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Community Treasures at MOS

These collaborative exhibits are an opportunity for community groups and cultural organizations from all over Surrey to showcase their treasures and share their stories with a wider audience. Learn more about the Community Treasures process.