Learn about TechLab opportunities for artists interested in digital media.

Surrey Art Gallery welcomes proposals from artists, artist teams and curators for digital media exhibitions including mechanical, acoustic and electronic projects.

We accept proposals on an ongoing basis. Each TechLab exhibition will be scheduled for approximately three months. Network-based artworks (eg, database, web art, etc.) must have a physical installation component in the TechLab as well as online. Proposals may include performance presentations such as audio events, dance performances, etc. in addition to a physical installation. Proposals may also include suggestions for accompanying programming (e.g. workshops, lectures, demonstrations). Artists may also request use of the TechLab as a studio for the production of new work onsite.

Proposal requirements

  • Letter of introduction, outlining the artwork proposed for exhibit
  • Current curriculum vitae
  • Artist's statement or curator's thesis outlining the issues and ideas explored in past work, and specifically the artwork proposed for exhibit
  • Documentation of completed artwork is typically viewed online at the artist's website


  • Exhibition fees will be paid with respect to the current CARFAC recommendations
  • Proposals must include detailed descriptions of additional equipment, technical support, and other needs to install and maintain their project if not currently in the TechLab inventory
  • Include transportation needs for artworks, installation and testing hours, and specialized technicians required
  • Funding is not available for international artist's travel or accommodation at this time

Artists and curators entrusted with developing a proposal specifically for the Techlab are advised that proposals must first be submitted fully by mail (not electronically) with links to online information identified. All proposals received will be acknowledged.

Contact Information

Surrey Art Gallery
Attention: Curator of Exhibitions and Collections
13750 88 Avenue
Surrey, BC V3W 3L1
Phone: 604-501-5566