Art by Surrey Secondary School Students

See the creativity of local youth through photography, paintings, drawings,  collage, and more.

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Surrey Art Gallery - 13750 88 Ave

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As the home of the largest school district in British Columbia, Surrey hosts a wealth of creative talent. Art by Surrey Secondary School Students celebrates the skills and imaginations of over fifty artists through drawings, paintings, collages, photographs, and prints. Each student tells meaningful stories about who they are in a complex world.

You'll see artworks that capture a desire for connection with others, such as hands reaching out and self-portraits of their unmasked faces. Several artworks address how the pandemic has affected food security and food supply chains. Another one memorializes in a charcoal still life two objects that have become associated with the new normal: hand sanitizer and a face mask.

The subject matter in this exhibit shows youth who are attuned to current events and crises. Apart from the pandemic, works also inform viewers of the Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women, the prevalence of false narratives, and the effects of meat consumption, to name a few. While a serious tone underpins this year’s exhibit, many artists talk about hope in their accompanying artist statements. Photographic artworks zoom in on details like a spider’s web or a single flower, creating an effect of calm.

In Art by Surrey Secondary Students, youth showcase a range of techniques such as colour-blending, shading, balancing positive and negative space, and capturing light and shadow. The exhibit also reflects the role that teachers play in shaping the critical and creative skills of the next generation, encouraging youth to pay close attention and respond to the world.

Since 1983, Surrey Art Gallery has hosted an annual exhibition showcasing the creativity of students in Surrey School District’s art education programs. The exhibits also demonstrate the value of art education in the BC School curriculum. The Surrey School District and the Surrey Art Teachers Association develop the exhibits in partnership with Surrey Art Gallery.  

Pre-book an exhibition visit by emailing or calling us at 604-501-5566 (press 1).