Examine the myths and metaphors of the Silk Road.

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Surrey Art Gallery - 13750 88 Ave

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Working with digital maps and images, ancient textile patterns, and a programmable loom, Ruth Scheuing creates Jacquard woven blankets that layer the patterns and geography of this important historic trade route. The corridor across Asia known as the Silk Road moved not only goods, but also people, ideas, and aesthetics. The Silk Road transformed societies in fundamental ways, just as today’s internet has been leveling profound economic, social, environmental, and political impacts on contemporary global culture.

Working in Surrey Art Gallery’s TechLab as an artist-in-residence, Scheuing creates a space that functions simultaneously as a shop window, contemporary gallery display, artist’s studio, and factory floor. Working on one of only six computerized Jacquard looms in Canada, Scheuing unites hand techniques and computer-aided technologies to create her Jacquard woven tapestries. Visitors are invited to drop in to the TechLab on Thursday mornings and Saturday afternoons when Scheuing will be working on the loom.

About the Artist

Ruth Scheuing has exhibited her textile-based artworks across Canada and around the world. She was recently included in the publication Art Textiles of the World: Canada and the companion exhibition held at The Montreal Centre for Contemporary Textiles in 2009. Scheuing is an instructor in the Textile Arts Program at Capilano University. She is represented in numerous public collections, and in 1996 was the recipient of the Chalmers Award in Crafts.

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Image credit: Installation image of Silkroads by Ruth Scheuing at Surrey Art Gallery. Photo by Scott Massey.