Running pack of caribou moving to the right

Experience a dream-like layered video art installation.

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Surrey Art Gallery - 13750 88 Avenue

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Morphing animations reminiscent of petroglyphs, running packs of caribou, and footage of the baton-twirling artist leading a Pride parade out of the forest are some of the images in Guardian of Sleep, Zachery Cameron Longboy’s video installation born from a dream.

Like dreams themselves, this digital diary collage of found and filmed performances and animations manipulate, twist, and transform into each other. Longboy sees dreams as ways of putting things together and are to be guarded. Guardian of Sleep encourages the viewer moving into Longboy’s dream to think of their own messages coming to them through this medium. What did last night’s slumber tell you?

This work is the latest in Longboy’s video and performance-based arts practice spanning from the 90s to present which references the artist’s layered experiences of identity. Born in Churchill Manitoba of Sayisi Dene lineage and based in Vancouver, Longboy’s work touches on and encourages destigmatization of gender, sexuality, and the body.

Celebrate this exhibition at our fall opening on September 17 and hear from Longboy himself at Surrey Art Gallery Association’s Thursday Artist Talk on November 3. 

About the Artist

Zachery Cameron Longboy is a video maker and performance/installation artist. Born in Churchill, Manitoba of Sayisi Dene lineage, Longboy places his multiple identities as a White-adopted/Native gay/Two-Spirit/Sixties Scoop survivor at the centre of his multi-disciplinary practice. His intensely felt, hybridly layered videos often use his complex performance-installations as a departure point. Longboy is nationally honoured and widely shown in Queer and Indigenous venues, as well as in public collections including The National Gallery of Canada (Ottawa), Winnipeg Art Gallery, Glenbow Museum (Calgary), and The Canada Council Art Bank (Ottawa). Numerous screenings include The Edmonton Art Gallery, Museum of Modern Art (New York, NY), and Images Independent Festival.   

Curator: Alanna Edwards
Origin of Exhibition: Surrey Art Gallery