Image credit: Gailan Ngan, Double Hearing, 2017, clay, slips, glazes, metal stand, 128 cm x 89 cm x 51 cm. Photo by Dennis Ha. Collection of Surrey Art Gallery. Purchased with support of the Surrey Art Gallery Association.

Summer Exhibitions

  • An inforgraphic in the shape of a circle that appears to resemble a blue human eye. The circle is made up of long lines of blue.

    Future Memoria

    June 22–August 25, 2024

    Selections from the Gallery's permanent collection, along with loaned artworks from artists addressing the future in their own practice, embody both dystopian and utopian ideals and the concept of futurity itself. 

  • Repeated patterns and point by point brush strokes. These patterns are gradients of green that play with light and shadow. There are rows of round domes that give a prismatic look. Each dome partially covers the bottom of the dome above it. From a glance, it can appear to tbe the tops of the trees. On each dome is a yellow or white flower shape.

    ARTS 2024

    May 4July 14, 2024

    For over four decades, this annual open-juried exhibition, held in partnership with the Arts Council of Surrey, celebrates the best in local artmaking.


Current & Upcoming Exhibitions

Entrance to Surrey Art Gallery and Surrey Arts Centre showing a colourful vinyl window mural.

Atheana Picha: Echoes

This window mural at the entrance to Surrey Arts Centre celebrates the cultural importance of Coast Salish mountain goat horn bracelets and the significance the animal has to the people from this territory.

Colourful mural by Sandeep Johal on Surrey Arts Centre classroom windows, with 3 people nearby.

Sandeep Johal: It's not what you look at that matters, it's what you see

This vinyl mural on the Surrey Arts Centre classroom windows invites play, joy, and wonder.

An inforgraphic in the shape of a circle that appears to resemble a blue human eye. The circle is made up of long lines of blue.

Future Memoria

In Future Memoria, selections from the Gallery’s permanent collection, along with loaned artworks from artists addressing the future in their own practice, embody both dystopian and utopian ideals and the concept of futurity itself; they convey the role art plays in the future’s many imaginings.

A person with their arms out-wide is in front of an interactive exhibit. Plant shapes of green, red, yellow, blue and purple colours can be seen against a pale blue screen that suggest snow and the outdoors.

Cheryl Pagurek: Winter Garden

Interact with this digital collage developed out of a still life photography series taken during the winter 2021 lockdown.

A group of white flowers clustered in a curving line. Towards the left bottom hand corner of the image are blue and green gradients of colour, while the top right corner of the image is a buttercup yellow with some flecks of darker colours. The colours are not even but appear to be smeared on in some areas, while others have white beneath.

Surrey Artswest Society 2024

This exhibition features an eclectic mix of some of the most recent artworks produced by Surrey Artswest Society members, including paintings, drawings, mixed media works, and more.

Quilt with various green squares bordering a scene of farmworkers pulling up hay against a tall grassy field.

Jagdeep Raina: Ghosts In The Fields

Experience textiles, drawings, and ceramics of BC migrant workers in the 1970s and 1980s.

Painting of various heads and facial features placed on a red background. There is handwritten text peeking out from behind the red.

Pass the Mic!

Experience a variety of art created by people who find themselves typically outside the mainstream art world.

Past exhibitions

A hole at the center of a sea shell made out of crochet and recycled material

Diane Roy: The Deep and the Shallows

Imaginative and innovative, Diane Roy’s textile art has developed a unique formal language over the past four decades.


 A still from a digital video shows an elderly person standing, facing the viewer. They wear a purple dastar, a coat, a vest, and a white button-up underneath. They are standing inside of a room with an open door. Inside the room is a wood panelled wall with various frames and paper posters. A round clock tells the time. Behind is a velvet-blue couch. This person is not wearing shoes, just socks. They stand on carpeted floor.

ARTS 2023

Experience art in a variety of media through this annual juried exhibition organized with Arts Council of Surrey.

Two green walls with text and photographs frame a space with two yogibos. A film plays on the wall in between the two greens where a woman sitting cross-legged on grass in nature is shown. She has her elbows bent overhead, one hand cups her jaw, the other hand is behind her back.

Masi Medicine: Joyful Nourishment

Alyssa Amarshi, Franz Seachel, and Anjalica Solomon use poetry and dance to explore identity, nourishment through play, and centring joy.

Wood and metal sculpture of a forked tree on an orange square base by Charles Campbell in a purple gallery space, with gallery visitors nearby

Charles Campbell: An Ocean to Livity

Experience sculptural and audio installations that connect the Black diaspora's past and future through breath.

Two people stand on stumps with legs slightly apart and arms stretched wide against Gallery backdrop.

Cindy Mochizuki: Autumn Strawberry (Dance Film)

Experience this video project that shows performers responding to Mochizuki's previous exhibition of the same name that animated the history of berry farming prior to WWII by Japanese settler families across the Fraser Valley.

Right: Painting of a person holding paper cut-outs of a human figure. Left: A ceramic sculpture of a Japanese dwelling.

Art by Surrey Secondary Students: Connected

This biennial exhibit showcases the variety and depth of art education and young artists in Surrey School District.

Detail view of Robert Young's painting 'Portal,' featuring rooftops of houses, trees, and stained glass window

Through the Lattice

This group exhibit of multimedia artworks speaks to the spaces we inhabit, both physically and symbolically.

Digital illustration showing lush greenery and wild animals with the words "Welcome to the Panjabi Garden" in English and Gurmukhi.

Keerat Kaur: Panjabi Garden

Experience poetry, digital illustration, painting, and marble inlay that depict motifs from the natural world to celebrate the Panjabi language and Gurmukhi script.

Mixed media artwork of rocks splashed by waves, a cellphone case lying on rocks with a cityscape image on it

Surrey Art Teachers Association: Connect

Enjoy the creative talents of local art educators.

Close-up of the torso, side profile, of a Black woman dressed in a colourful outfit containing ribbons

I see; I breathe; I am!

Artists Nancy Ainomugisha and Olúwáṣọlá Kẹ́hìndé Olówó-Aké expand the conversation on how society interprets Blackness.