Current Programs at Surrey Art Gallery

Discover the latest Surrey Art Gallery learning programs. 

Gallery School Programs

Surrey Art Gallery is currently offering one registerable program and additional curriculum bundles to support ongoing engagement in contemporary art, artmaking, and inquiry-based learning as it integrates BC cross-curricular Big Ideas and Learning Standards. 

Homes and Habitats: Exploring Nature and Ecology through Art 

Developed by experienced art educators, this unit of study considers how artists use their practice to explore nature and ecology. Art and science connect as students explore the concept of habitats by sculpting a world for living things and engaging how contemporary art can raise questions of stewardship and sustainability. 

The unit has three components that involve the tradition of close observation study and drawing; the tracking of the original HBH clay hand building project through video instruction; and the extension of this theme to organisms connected within habitats, through a zine making outcome. Resources include video lessons, a Teachers’ Guide, and printable visual materials paired with takeout clay for your class, designed for single use.  

Grades K−7   

Registration open: September 28, 2020 

Workshop fee: $75 


Free Activities 

Visit Teachers’ Resources and Programs as well as our online Art Together series of programs to connect with art and artists in the community, communities and suggested activities that will enhance your classroom or home learning.  

Printmaking Expression: Curriculum Bundle 

Susan Point Tour video 

Print with April Davis  

Teachers’ Guide, Susan Point: Spindle Whorl & Don Li Leger: Counting the Steps of the Sun

Colour Box: Curriculum Bundle

Invent Colours with April Davis 

Colour Shading with Alexandra Thomson   

Pastel Drawing with Claire Moore  

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How to Book

Programs at the Gallery run from October 5, 2020 to June 7, 2021

Registration times are required to arrange for pick-up of course materials 

Information Required to Book 

  • Direct contact information (phone and email) for the teacher facilitating the individual program. This is mandatory to ensure proper communication and safe transfer of materials. 

  • Grade and number of students 

  • School name and phone number 

Register online or phone the call centre at 604-501-5100 (Monday to Friday 8:30am - 4:30pm).

If you need any assistance, please email the Gallery at or phone the Gallery at 604-501-5566, press 1.