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Spectacular theatre performances and activities for kids and families. 

Discover the magic of the performing arts.

A collage of the performers for upcoming Surrey Spark Stages shows
Upcoming Surrey SPARK Stages 2022/23 Performances


Surrey SPARK Stages is a series of shows designed to ignite imaginations and make memories!

As part of Surrey Civic Theatres, Surrey SPARK Stages offers spectacular performing arts events and activities for kids and their families during the annual 3-day weekend event in May and throughout the year. 

Our events, activities, and programs are the perfect way to introduce young people to the magic of the performing arts. We believe the performing arts can change lives by impacting how people see the world and their place within it. 


Mil's Trills posing with her ukulele
Image by Eian Kantor

Make Messy Music with Mil's Trills: A Beginners Guide to Songwriting

In this parent participation workshop, learn creative and unexpected ways to make music with your kids with no music experience required! Join New York-based Grammy nominated composer, performer and educator Amelia "Mil" Robinson for this play-centered introduction to songwriting that explores ways that words, sounds and rhymes can be used to make up songs on the spot! Kids walk away with a simple catchy song that just might debut at the Mil's Trills afternoon concert Let it Out With Mil's Trills! There are limited spots available!

  • October 1 | 11am | Main Stage at Surrey Arts Centre
  • Ages 6-10
  • Tickets: $15

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Performer Mil's Trills on stage
Image by Molly Robinson

Let It Out with Mil's Trills!

A high-energy, cheerful and interactive performance for kids and their caregivers! Gather with family and friends to meet New York-based performer, composer and music educator Amelia "Mil" Robinson and her band as they perform music from their album Let it Out! These stress-busting songs were created during the pandemic as inspiring musical tools that kids can use to laugh, sing and dance their worries away in an uplifting and super fun way. We're sure this concert will SPARK your happy!

  • October 1 | 4pm | Main Stage at Surrey Arts Centre 
  • Ages 4-11
  • Tickets: $16-$26

Bonus: Get to know Mil's Trills and learn creative and non-judgemental ways to create music by taking part in the morning pre-concert workshop Make Messy Music with Mil's Trills


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Musicians of trio Infinitus sit in chairs holding their instruments


This genre-bending string trio fuses classical music with beatboxing and body percussion to create their own unique sound that is fascinating to listen to and remarkable to watch. With the group's easygoing stage presence along with hidden moments of foundational music education sprinkled throughout, this fun and upbeat show is a take on instrumental music that will keep kids and adults captivated. An Infinitus show is a refreshing introduction to classical music where you can expect a lot more audience participation than is typically seen at a classical concert.

  • December 3 | 7pm | Centre Stage at Surrey City Hall 
  • Ages 5 and up
  • Tickets: $21

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