Aerial performer wearing a colourful costume in performance of Tweet Tweet

Spectacular theatre performances and activities for kids and families. 

Discover the magic of the performing arts.

Surrey SPARK Stages is a series of shows designed to ignite imaginations and make memories!

As part of Surrey Civic Theatres, Surrey SPARK Stages offers spectacular performing arts events and activities for kids and their families during the 3-day weekend event in May and throughout the year. 

We offer year-round events, activities, and programs to introduce young people to the magic of the performing arts. We believe the performing arts can change lives by impacting how people see the world and their place within it. 

Stay tuned for more information about our next presentation Let it Out with Mil's Trills! Brooklyn based, and Grammy nominated, Mil's Trills brings their high-energy, participatory performance to the Surrey Arts Centre this fall in celebration of their new family album, Let it Out! which helps all ages identify, accept, and process emotions in positive and affirming ways. Come to sing, move and dance with neighbours, family, and friends! Details coming soon!

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