Explore the public art throughout Surrey.

Public artworks are installed all throughout Surrey in parks and facilities and along streets, bridges, and SkyTrain pillars.

The Surrey Arts & Culture Map shows you the location of public artworks with photos and a link to learn more about them. If you have a particular neighbourhood you want to see, select  "Choose a Neighbourhood" in the upper right-hand corner.

Interested in the Indigenous art we have in our collection? Read about our Indigenous Art.

Discover inspiring and thought-provoking art around you today!

City Centre

Abstract Mountains – Marie Khouri

A Busy Street – Nicoletta Baumeister

Blackie Spit through the Seasons – Carol How

Blankets – Erica Stocking

Chrysalis – Thomas Nelles

Convergence – Connie Glover & Vallalee Hoffman

Courage, Strength, and Family – Phyllis Atkins & Shain Jackson

Crepuscular – Jeremy Herndl

Flight of Doves – Marie Khouri

Four Seasons –  Brandon Gabriel & Melinda Bige

Harmony – Jay Panesar

Histoire d'O – Marie Khouri

Marks – Liz Magor

Nautilus – Doug Taylor

Paddling through the Waves of Change – Phyllis Atkins

Paradise Now – Scarlet Black

Pebble Mosaics – Glen Andersen

Protecting the Future, Serving the Present – Artform Sculpture Studio

Ribbon of Life – Yvonne Domenge

Row of Trees, Green Timbers – Geoffrey Milne

Spring Floraform, Summer Floraform, & Seeds of Change – Bruce Voyce

The Sea Captain – Marianne Nicolson with John Livingston

The Secret Language of Moths – Mary Frances Batut

Thinking Like the River – Suzanne Northcott

Together – Studio Roso

Underfoot Yet Overhead (Part 1) – Karen Kazmer

Underfoot Yet Overhead (Part 2) – Karen Kazmer


Were It Not for You – Glen Andersen

West Coast Landscape – Gordon Smith


Bright Knights – Jock Hildebrand

Flow and Variations of Flow – Robert Studer

Kneeling in Remembrance – Andre Gauthier

Moments in Time – Paul Slipper

Water Guardians – Susan Point

The Moment – Studio Morison (IN PROGRESS)

The Rivers that Connect Us – kʼwyʼiʼyʼe Spring Salmon Studio (Drew Atkins, Phyllis Atkins, and Aaron Jordan) (IN PROGRESS)


A Million Summers – Blake Williams

Fleetwood Mosaics and Ceramic Mural – Mosaics: Claudine Pommier, Jane Cameron, & Community; Ceramic: David Lloyd, Fraser Valley Potters Guild

From Frozen Ponds – Blake Williams

Gnomon – i.e. creative (Cheryl Hamilton & Mike Vandermeer)

Lance Corporal Arthur Thomas Fleetwood – Nathan Scott

Multiples of Three – Alberto Replanski

The Frasers – Laara Cerman (IN PROGRESS)

View from the Top and Lifting Hands – Ferdinand "Chito" Maravilla (IN PROGRESS)


All Our Relations – Xwalacktun (Rick Harry)

Golden Ears Way Eagle – Bernie Jestrabek-Hart

hangin’ out: biocenesis – i.e. creative Artworks (Cheryl Hamilton & Mike Vandermeer)

Jungle Project – Duncan Weller

Mother Tongue/ First Language Learned – Elizabeth Roy

The Living Fraser River – Casto Solano  (IN PROGRESS)

Raven and the First Sunrise – Brandon Gabriel

Seasons in the Park – John Webber

Splash – Michael Krondl

Weave of Time – Bruce Walther

The Meeting of Mind & Body – Jacqueline Metz and Nancy Chew

The New Recruit – Derek Rowe


All Intertwining – Blake Williams

Call of the Siren – Luke Blackstone

Dancing Tower – art.site (Claudia Cuesta & Bill Baker)

Eagle Calling – Robert Davidson

Falling into Formation – Jill Anholt

Fern Façade – Sean Alward

Nature, Wisdom, & Knowledge – Valeri Sokolovski

Newton Community Centre Mosaics – Connie Glover & Vallalee Hoffman

Sign of Signs – Alan Storey

Surrey Columbian Centennial Totem Pole – John Edward "Ted" Neel

Talking Poles – Lorna Boschman, Victoria Moulder, T’Uy’Tanat-Cease Wyss

South Surrey

Circulation – Jean-François Cooke and Pierre Sasseville

Connections – Doug Welch for EOS Light Media

Frogs – Susan Point

Kwomais: A Place of Vision – Connie Glover & Deborah Putman

Memory Stones – Tina Farmilo

Mule Deer – Steve Tyee

Redwood Forest Mysteries – Derek Rowe

Ribbon – Ruth Beer and Charlotte Wall

Semiahmoo Trail Mosaics – Glen Andersen

Skedans Grizzly Bear Pole – Mungo Martin

Still Point/From the Centre Outwards – Jacqueline Metz & Nancy Chew

Supernatural Eye – Robert Davidson

Terra Incognita – Gwen Curry

Teamwork – Derek Rowe

The Train Arriving at the Station – Glen Andersen

Tree of Knowledge – Jacqueline Metz & Nancy Chew

Under the Double Eagle and Elder Moon – Leonard Wells & Leslie Wells


Building Bridges – Vallalee Hoffman, Claire Cilliers & Community

Continuum: From Seed to Shelter – Eric Robertson

Eight Salmon Heads – Leslie Wells

Fallen Peace Officers Memorial Monument – Madeleine Vrignon

Four Elements – Kip Jones & Jennifer Macklem

Guardian Spirits – Trenton Pierre (IN PROGRESS)

Join the Movement – Sofia Tan Wu (IN PROGRESS)

Lightmodal – Organelle Design & Urban Visuals

Lingua Aqua – Melanie Cassidy, Michael Filimowicz, Brady Marks, Philippe Pasquier

Mandala After Prayer Wheel – Maurice Van Der Beke

On the Wind – Blake Williams

Out of Thin Air – Alan Storey

Poetry Rock – Rev. Dr. Byung Sub Van

Retro-Perspective – Drew Atkins

Returning to the River – Drew and Phyllis Atkins

snəw̓eyəɬ: Nature’s Gods (Nature’s Teachers) – Wes Antone

We Are All Connected to This Land – Phyllis Atkins

Winged Lion Woman – Joan Adams