These banners blow in the wind of the Surrey Arts Centre parking lot, referencing the type of activities here and in Bear Creek Park.

Blake Williams - On the Wind


Artist: Blake Williams
Location: Surrey Arts Centre (13750 88 Avenue)
Category: Public
Year: 2006

About On the Wind

On the Wind is a series of 22 unique kinetic banners that move in the wind. Hanging in the parking lot, they mark the entrance to the Surrey Arts Centre.

The banners contain 11 images that appear in many combinations, reflecting upon the nature of the activities that take place in the Surrey Arts Centre and the natural environments surrounding Bear Creek Park. This dramatic imagery acts not only as an active signal motioning visitors towards the Centre, but also suggest the energetic, unpredictable nature of the creative process.

The banners deflect as breezes pass by and silvery spinning circles within the banners create an ever changing visual. The silver and terracotta colours reference the Surrey Arts Centre’s architecture.

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About the Artist

Blake Williams is a Vancouver-based visual artist who works in a variety of media. After graduating from the photographic program at Langara College, he later studied at Emily Carr College of Art. Williams’ public artworks can be found in communities across Canada.

His other public artworks in Surrey are A Million Summers, From Frozen Ponds, and All Intertwining.