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Community Demographic Profiles

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Demographic statistics

Statistics Canada collects demographic information every 5 years when it conducts its Census of Population.

The City of Surrey's Planning and Development Department conducts further analysis on Surrey's demographic information to create a series of topic-based fact sheets to provide information on Surrey's communities.

The fact sheets show how the communities have changed over time, and how the City compares to Metro Vancouver averages.

2016 Census

2011 Census / National Household Survey

The Census and National Household Survey gather data on the social, economic and demographic profile of Canadians, and the dwellings in which they live.

Fact sheets (2011 Census and National Household Survey) provide information on Surrey at the time of the Census by theme.

2006 Census

Fact sheets (2006 Census) provide a glimpse of Surrey and our communities at the time of the Census. They also analyze how Surrey has changed over time and how it fits within the larger Metro Vancouver region. The following fact sheets are currently available (All PDFs open in new windows):

Community map of Surrey

Demographic information for Surrey's 6 communities correspond to the 6 areas shown on the community map.

Map of demographic information for Surrey's 6 communities.

Corporate reports Corporate Report R071 and Corporate Report R247 also provide Census information.