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Addressing the Urban-Agriculture Interface

Landscaped buffers for residential developments

Beginning on May 22, 2007, the City of Surrey requires that landscaped buffers for residential developments adjacent to the ALR/Agricultural designation be planted prior to the issuance of building permits. View the City's landscape buffer procedures (PDF. New window).

The sympathetic interface must be provided and maintained to minimize conflict between farm and non-farm (urban) uses. This is achieved through careful subdivision planning and appropriate landscaping and buffering.

Follow the Landscaped Buffer Specifications (Website. New window) from the BC Ministry of Agriculture and Lands, Provincial Agricultural Land Commission to create sympathetic interfaces between farm and non-farm uses.

Urban-agriculture interface in Surrey

See how the urban-agriculture interface has been addressed in Surrey.

Lower density, surburban lots on agricultural land
Looking north from 156B St, toward 40 Ave and the ALR: Lower density, suburban lots are generally located close to agricultural land.

Landscaped buffer and road
40 Ave, west of 160 St: Landscaped buffers and roads can form an effective buffer between farm and non-farm uses.

Fencing and a landscaped buffer
Near 36A Ave and 164A St: An example of large suburban lots separated from adjacent agricultural land by fencing and a landscaped buffer.