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Arterial, MRN and Local Road Paving Works







Arterial, MRN and Local Road Paving Works


Request for Expression of Interest / Statement of Qualifications (RFEI/SOQ)
Arterial, MRN and Local Road Paving Works
Reference No. 1714-001-00

The City of Surrey (COS) invites RFEI/SOQ’s for pre-qualification of Paving Contractors to perform works on Arterial, Major Road Network (MRN), and Non-Arterial roads. Work may include a) Cold milling of existing paved surface; b) Full Depth Reclamation; c) replacing adjusting manholes, valve boxes, and catchbasins to grade; d) Supply and Install granular materials; e) pavement patching and repairs; f) Asphalt paving – MMCD, SuperPave, Warm Mix Asphalt; g) Concrete or Asphalt Curbs and Walkways; h) Traffic Management Plans; i) thermoplastic pavement markings.

The Evaluation Team will review all Submissions to determine each Respondent’s strength and ability to provide the Services with the City’s objectives in order to determine the Submission, or Submissions, which are most advantageous to the City,.

RFEI/SOQ’s will be evaluated based on the Respondents’ qualifications and track record, recent experience with similar infrastructure projects, demonstrated ability to complete projects within the proposed schedule and budget, as well as any other factors the City deems to be relevant to the project success. Respondents may be disqualified, pre-qualify (Tier 3) for non-arterial road projects under $500,000.00, pre-qualify (Tier 2) for non-arterial projects under $1,500,000.00, or pre-qualify (Tier 1) for arterial road projects over $2,000,000.00.

Respondents that initially are pre-qualified but subsequently do not perform to stated expectations will be removed from the list.

COS intends to issue Invitations to Tender to Pre-Qualified Respondents who may then be invited to enter into one or more Contract(s) for provision of services described. In addition, on all MRN and Arterial Roads, General Contractors will be required to use paving contractors that have pre-Qualified for Tier 1 projects under this RFEI/SOQ.

Statements of Qualifications marked “Request For Expression of Interest/Statement of Qualifications – Arterial, MRN, Local Road Paving and Construction Works, Reference No. 1714-001-00”, will be received at WEB Engineering Ltd, Attention:  Brian Snow, P.Eng., 4173 Dawson Street, Burnaby, B.C. V5C 4B3, on or before 3:00PM January 21, 2014. Office hours are 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

All inquiries related to this RFEI/SOQ should be directed in writing to WEB Engineering Ltd, Brian Snow, P.Eng., Fax: 604-290-8580, e-mail:  

This RFEI/SOQ is not an agreement to purchase goods or services. The City of Surrey is not bound to enter into a Contract with any Qualified Respondent. The City of Surrey will be under no obligation to receive further information, whether written or oral, from any Respondent.

All participating firms must complete the Registration Form (Appendix B) or provide similar information. 

Closing Date:

January 21, 2014 - 3:00 p.m.


Mr. Ross Burkholder - Project Supervisor
Engineering Department - Design & Construction
City of Surrey
Tel:  (604) 591-4290

Status: Submissions under review.





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