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Filming Fees

Review filming fees and permit costs. Contact the Film Office to determine which permits you will require.

An administration fee of 15% will be added to the final invoice (GST #R121 391 882).

Fee Type Cost
Filming Permit $250
Electrical Permit $112
Fire Hydrant Permit $180 + $100 per day water rates
Parking Permit $92
Road Obstructions / Closures $172
Road Use $250
City Block Parking $250 per side per day
City Lot Parking $500 per day
City Parks

$500 per day (neighbourhood) / $1,000 per day (major)

City Facilities Available upon request (dependent upon the facility)
Commercial Photography $250 per day

Fire and RCMP Filming Fees

Fee Type Cost
Pumper & Staff $642 per hour (4 hour minimum call out)
Ladder & Staff $1,015 per hour (4 hour minimum call out)
1 RCMP Officer $105 per hour