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Locating a Business

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Verifying a location

Before committing to a location or buying or leasing a building in Surrey, check to make sure your business is permitted in that location.

The types of activities that you can run on a piece of property is governed by municipal plans, policies and bylaws.

To verify the location you have selected is zoned to permit your business to operate, or if you require a rezoning application, building permit or tenant improvements, review information from the Planning and Building Department. Also check with the Bylaws & Licensing department to determine zoning requirements for your business type.

Locating/Expanding a business to Surrey

Surrey offers you many business advantages as a location. If you're an investor or business owner, contact our Economic Development Division to get insight on our various industrial lands and business parks. We'll also provide you with a list of available land and space inventory to determine where to locate your business.

Locate your business in Surrey, or find a larger site for your existing business in Surrey. The City of Surrey's Economic Development Division acts as your first point of contact for commercial/industrial land and space inquiries.

To assist your business, we maintain an inventory of available land and space in Surrey. We will also connect your business with our network of commercial/industrial realtors.

Commercial/Industrial Realtors

Below is a list of some commercial/industrial realtors that can help you find a location for your business:

Expanding your business

Once you've established your business, think about growing your business operations. Small Business BC will help you take your business to the next level.

If you are looking to expand or make improvements to your business facility, contact the Planning and Building Department directly to discuss permit requirements.


Learn about industrial parks and get site selector assistance through Surrey’s Business Advantages.