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Film Permit Application

City Hall - Filming

Surrey welcomes and supports all types of filming in the City. Our Film Office will work with your production to meet your needs. Surrey’s diverse landscape, resources and competitive fee structure makes the City an appealing place to film your production.

Application Process

The Film Office will work with all productions throughout the approval process which may take up to 2 weeks.

To film your production in Surrey, follow these steps:

Step 1 - Read the City’s Filming Guidelines

Step 2 - Contact the Film Office at 604-598-5759 or at

Step 3 - Determine the best location for filming

Step 4 - Complete a Film Permit Application, Certificate of Insurance and Electrical Permit Application and submit to the Film Office

Step 5 - Once your application is approved, a film permit is required on site at all times.

Student filming

The City supports and encourages the growth of the BC and Canadian film industries and will waive fees for non-profit, public service announcements or student productions. For further information on student filming in Surrey contact the Film Office and complete the Student Filming Application.

For additional information on filming contact the Surrey Film Office at 604-598-5759 or at