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Securing Financing for Your Business

Man and woman listening intently in a business meeting.

Make sure you know how much investment it will take to start and run your business until you reach your break-even point—the point when your sales revenue equals your total expenses.

You may need to secure financing before you start your business.

Types of financing

  • Equity Investment: An investor makes money available for use in exchange for an ownership share in the business.
  • Personal Savings: You choose to fund your business from your personal savings.
  • Government Funding: Government grants or loans are used to start and run your business.
  • Commercial Loans: Financial institutions provide long-term and short-term loans for businesses.

Funding opportunities

  • Small Business BC outlines various federal and provincial government programs to finance your business.
  • Invest BC defines the different government incentives for various sectors.
  • Canada Business offers a search for available government loan and grant programs that help you to start, buy or expand your business.
  • Business Development Bank of Canada provides consulting advice and financial support to entrepreneurs to start a business.