Learn about the City of Surrey owned and operated development corporation.

In June 2020, Surrey City Council voted to dissolve the SCDC and transfer its assets and operations over to the City of Surrey. Read the full media release

The Surrey City Development Corporation (SCDC) is one of the building blocks that the City of Surrey is using to make the City a more vibrant, sustainable and complete community.

SCDC's mandate is to help advance the City's financial, social, business and community goals through the development of the City's surplus land holdings, strategic acquisition of properties ripe for redevelopment, and the acquisition of income generating properties.

The Role of the Surrey City Development Corporation

The Surrey City Development Corporation undertakes the following activities:

  • Real estate development projects on City-owned sites which help achieve the City of Surrey's objectives.
  • Acts as a catalyst and facilitator to accelerate beneficial development throughout the City.
  • Partners with private sector partners on real estate development projects.
  • Provides real estate consulting advice to help the City achieve its vision for the various neighbourhoods throughout the City.
  • Provides an annual dividend to the City of Surrey.

For more information, visit the SCDC website.