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2. MK Illumination Canada Inc.

Closing Date

April 15, 2019

Revised October 6, 2020


Richard D. Oppelt
Purchasing Manager
Finance Department
Tel: (604) 590-7274

Request for Quotations

The City of Surrey (the “City”) is requesting Quotations from experienced and qualified Contractors for the provision of everything required including all skilled labour, tools, materials, and equipment for the supply and installation of lights at the City’s Bear Creek Light Festival.

The Bear Creek Light Festival is a 15-day light display that features a light walk, feature installations and tree displays. This year, the Light Festival will run from Friday, November 01 to Friday, November 15, 2019 with an installation timeline of October 14 to 30, 2019.

The City of Surrey’s Parks Division is requesting that Contractors quote on either one or both of the following packages. The packages may be awarded separately or as a whole. Quotes should be inclusive of equipment rental, storage, and installation costs and include staff time and level of service provided over the duration of the event (November 01 to 15);

            1. Tree Lighting Package; and/or
            2. Feature Lighting Package.

The area proposed for the event is approximately 17,000 square metres with 861 metres of pathways. The space has varying levels of illumination. The Parks Division recommends that all interested parties visit the park during the Information Session.

Revised Date:  March 26, 2019 - 9:30 a.m.
Bear Creek Park at 13750 - 88th Avenue, Surrey, BC

RFQ document for download:
Bear Creek Park Light Installation (.pdf)
Schedule B - Form of Quotation (.doc)

Addendum No. 1 - Revised Meeting Date (.pdf)
Issue Date:  March 13, 2019

Addendum No. 2 - Revised Closing Date (.pdf)
Issue Date:  March 29, 2019

If the City determines that an amendment is required to this RFQ, the City's Representative will issue a written addendum by posting it on the BC Bid Website at  (the “BC Bid Website”) and the City Website at (the “City Website”) that will form part of this RFQ.  It is the responsibility of Contractors to check the BC Bid Website and the City Website for addenda.  The only way this RFQ may be added to, or amended in any way, is by a formal written addendum.  No other communication, whether written or oral, from any person will affect or modify the terms of this RFQ or may be relied upon by any Contractor.  By delivery of a Quotation, the Contractor is deemed to have received, accepted and understood the entire RFQ, including any and all addenda.

All inquiries related to this Request for Quotation ("RFQ") should be directed in writing to the contact person named above.