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Richard D. Oppelt
Manager, Procurement Services
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Project Background

A new sport facility to support kabaddi play in the City will be developed on City property at 12626 – 110 Ave., across the street from the new North Surrey Sport & Ice Complex (NSSIC).
There are two major forms of kabaddi: "circle style" kabaddi, is the traditional form of the sport when it is played outdoors; the "standard style" is played on a rectangular court indoors. (Refer to Appendix 1 for the general layout of a circle style kabaddi facility at the NSSIC site).
The kabaddi facility will likely consist of the following components:
• A high quality, grass, kabaddi playing area (the playing grounds) built to internationally accepted standards;
• Permanent, covered spectator seating for a limited number of spectators;
• A paved area around the perimeter of the playing grounds for temporary bleacher seating;
• A mini field house containing changerooms and washrooms;
• Parking

The scope of this consulting assignment is a typical detailed design process involving the preparation of a site plan layout, sections, elevations and construction details for the Kabaddi Facility and its components. The Services for this project is confined to the parcel of City land at 12626 -110 Ave.

The project is anticipated to trigger Building Permit requirements, but not Development Permit requirements.
The kabaddi playing grounds is anticipated to be a high quality, irrigated turf grass field.
The permanent, covered spectator seating is anticipated to include permanent seating, be slightly elevated above the surrounding grade and be protected from the weather with an overhead structure. Note: The aggressive construction schedule may necessitate that the covered bleacher seating aspect of


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