Stantec Consulting Ltd.

Closing Date

July 30, 2019 - 3:00 p.m. (local time)

Revised July 31, 2020


Richard Oppelt
Manager, Procurement Services
Finance Department
Tel: (604) 590-7274

Request for Proposals
The City of Surrey (the “City”) is seeking to retain the services of a professional consultant (the “Consultant”) to collect pavement condition data for all of the major roads in the City.

Scope of Services
The Consultant will provide the following services in accordance with the information provided within this Terms of Reference document:

  • Overall project management;
  • Data collection survey; and
  • Technical report on findings

This assignment involves conducting a semi-automated video data collection system and profiler or an automated 3D Laser Crack Measurement System (LCMS) survey of all major roads in the City.  The stresses to be collected include: Alligator cracking, Longitudinal and transverse cracking, Edge Cracking, Patching (including utility cuts), Potholes, Roughness, Rutting and any other noteworthy stress to be tracked on major roads should be included in the Proposal for City’s review.

The data collection shall include high resolution, digital images of the pavement right of way taken at 5m increments.


  • Surface distresses shall be determined in accordance with the latest ASTM D6433 methodology.
  • Roughness shall be determined using an inertial profiler system per AASHTO M328-14 and in accordance with latest ASTM E1926 and ASTM E950.
  • Rutting shall be determined in accordance with latest ASTM E1703 with a minimum of 11 simultaneous measurement sensors on the profiler.

Quality and Data Collection Plans as described in sections 3.4 and 3.5. Distress, rutting and roughness data files indicating ‘from’ and ‘to’ chainage and coordinates, including types and severity of distress. The quality of IRI measurements is adversely affected by vehicle acceleration/deceleration forces or low collection speed. The Consultant shall provide measures to mitigate these effects. IRI data will only be accepted as valid if all fields are valid. Copy of the high-resolution digital imaging. Final report and data submission.

The Consultant is required to provide verification test results of their inertial profiler system to demonstrate the accuracy and repeatability of the longitudinal profile roughness measurements.

RFP document for download: 
Major Roads Pavement Condition Data Collection (.pdf)
Schedule C - Form of Proposal (.doc)

Addendum No. 1 (.pdf)
Issue Date: July 23, 2019

If the City determines that an amendment is required to this RFP, the City Representative will issue a written addendum by posting it on the BC Bid Website at the “BC Bid Website”) and the City Website at (the “City Website”) that will form part of this RFP. It is the responsibility of Proponents to check the BC Bid Website and the City Website for addenda. The only way this RFP may be added to, or amended in any way, is by a formal written addendum. No other communication, whether written or oral, from any person will affect or modify the terms of this RFP or may be relied upon by any Proponent. By delivery of a Proposal, Proponent is deemed to have received, accepted and understood the entire RFP, including any and all addenda.

All inquiries related to this RFP should be directed in writing to the person named below.