Successful Contractor Pre-qualification List:

1. Aero Geometrics Ltd.
2. Canadrone Inspection & Imaging Services Inc.
3. Lawson Consulting & Surveying Ltd.
4. RH Precision Unmanned Inc.
5. Sawback Technologies Inc.
6. Smart Shores Inc.
7. Strategic Natural Resource Consultants Inc.
8. The Sky Guys Aerial Services Inc.
9. WSP Canada Inc.

Closing Date

May 11, 2018

Revised October 2, 2020


Richard Oppelt
Purchasing Manager
Finance & Technology Department
Tel: (604) 590-7274

Request for Expressions of Interest and Statements of Qualifications

The City invites Submissions from Respondents that describe the desire, relevant expertise, capability, reputation and resources, and pricing structure of the Respondent to undertake Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (“UAV”) projects, on an “as and when required basis”, as generally described in this Schedule A – Scope of Services.


The City recognizes the importance of UAV technology in efficiently completing tasks in a cost effective manner. There is also risk associated with the operation of UAV which must be addressed to ensure safety, compliance with multiple regulations and liability issues. The purpose of this Scope of Services is to define the requirements for operation of UAVs to fulfill an operational need of the City.

The City has an UAV Standard Operating Procedure which, is more or less described in this Schedule A – Scope of Services, would apply to the following types of UAV operation:

  1. Work being contracted to a UAV operator by the City in support of City activities such as surveys, special events and investigations.
  2. Through application to operate a UAV by a professional operator for commercial or research purposes on City owned land for such activities as filming, utility surveys and inspections, law enforcement activities and academic research.

RFEOI/SOQ Document for download:
Pre-qualification: Specialist UAVS – Drone Operators
Schedule B - Form of Submission

Addendum No. 1 (.pdf)
Issue Date:  May 1, 2018


If the City determines that an amendment is required to this RFEOI/SOQ, the City Representative will issue a written addendum by posting it on the BC Bid Website at (the “BC Bid Website”) and the City Website at (the “City Website”) that will form part of this RFEOI/SOQ.  No amendment of any kind to the RFEOI/SOQ is effective unless it is posted in a formal written addendum on the City Website.

All inquiries related to this RFEOI/SOQ should be directed by email, to the person named above.