Submissions under review

Closing Date

October 16, 2017

Revised October 9, 2020


Richard Oppelt
Purchasing Manager
Finance Department
Tel: (604) 590-7274

Request for Expressions of Interest and Statements of Qualifications


(a)  invite submissions from Respondents (individually the "Respondent") that describes the desire, relevant expertise, capability, reputation and resources of the Respondent to undertake the project ("Project"); and

(b)  to select a Respondent or Respondents who may be invited to participate in a competitive selection process, if and when call.

The  RFEOI/SOQ process is intended to establish a shortlist of preferred Respondents with the required expertise, capabilities and resources to perform various works associated with design, construct, finance and operate an outdoor spectator stadium (“Outdoor Spectator Stadium”) on a sustainable basis.

All interested parties should respond to this RFEOI/SOQ as the City does not guarantee that a competitive solicitation will be issued following this RFEOI/SOQ and may elect to directly negotiate with one or more interested parties, or the City may at any time and at its sole discretion decide to cancel this process for any reason.


This Project consists of the design, construct, finance and operate an Outdoor Spectator Stadium at a location yet to be determined.  The Project may be used by the Respondent as the ‘home field’ for the operation of a professional  team and may be used for other ancillary uses, in compliance with the terms and conditions of an lease agreement that will regulate the operation of the Outdoor Spectator Stadium and that will require community access to and use of the Project.  The Respondent is expected to demonstrate competence, ability and previous experience in all aspects of the Project and must prove a direct connection to and business relationship with a professional team or commitment from a specific league.


The City has identified potential land sites (“Potential Land Sites”) that may become available for lease, the City will discuss these Potential Land Sites at an information meeting, these sites have not been approved or reviewed as for suitability for this venture, however, the sites may have potential opportunity for this Project.


To the extent that the City may provide confidential information to Respondents, it is a condition of participating in this RFEOI/SOQ process each Respondent must sign and submit to the contact person named below the confidentiality agreement (“Confidentiality Agreement”), substantially in the form attached, or otherwise acceptable to the City in its discretion.  Respondents will not be provided with access to any further information regarding this procurement opportunity (RFEOI/SOQ document), unless and until they have signed and delivered a Confidentiality Agreement to the contact person named below.

Confidentiality agreement for download:
Confidentiality Agreement (.pdf)