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November 9, 2021 - 3:00 p.m., local time

Revised November 9, 2021


Sunny Kaila
Manager, Procurement Services
Finance Department
Tel:  (604) 590-7274




The City of Surrey (“the City”) is seeking an experienced Consultant with a proven understanding of large organizations and municipal government communications to conduct a social media and digital advertising audit and provide recommendations that will assist the City in increasing its reach and impact across social media and related digital advertising channels.

The Consultant will deliver a detailed qualitative and quantitative audit, and actionable recommendations to inform our social media and digital advertising strategies and best practices. The scope of work will focus on the following key areas:
(a) Create and confirm a project timeline and schedule with the Project Team.
(b) Participate in bi-weekly phone or email updates with project lead: Tia Saini, Digital Communications Strategist.
(c) Coordinate with Project Team to perform internal interviews with internal stakeholders, such as our Web & New Media Team Manager, Digital Communications Strategist, etc.
(d) Review relevant internal strategy documents such as the draft “Social Media & Digital Advertising Strategy”, “Corporate Marketing & Communications Division” goals summary, “Public Engagement Strategy” and three (3) campaign reports.

Coordinate with the City’s project team to conduct an audit of the City’s social media and digital advertising approaches.
i. The audit will evaluate the City’s level of maturity and success in social media, which for this scope includes use of Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. It is anticipated this audit will include a competitive audit as part of the project.

Information Meeting
An information meeting will be hosted by the City Representative to discuss the City’s requirements under this RFP (the “Information Meeting”). While attendance is at the discretion of Proponents, Proponents who do not attend will be deemed to have attended the Information Meeting and to have received all of the information given at the Information Meeting. At the time of issuance of this RFP a meeting has been scheduled as follows:

When: October 22, 2021
Where: Video/Phone Conference – Microsoft Team Meeting
Time: 2:00 p.m. (PST)

Proponents interested in participating in this Information Meeting should email their requests to

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All inquiries related to this RFP should be directed in writing to the contact person named above.