Closing Date

August 12, 2021 – 3:00p.m., Local Time

Revised July 26, 2021


Richard D. Oppelt
Manager, Procurement Services
Finance Department
Tel:  (604) 590-7274


Request for Proposals


The purpose of this request for proposals (“RFP”) is to select a service provider (or service providers) to perform the services (“Services”) described in Schedule A.


The City of Surrey (the “City”) is inviting Proponents to submit Proposals that provide cost/fee information for design services that include but are not limited to:

1. Drawings and specifications for a replica of the original building (as per attached approved Development Permit).

2. New building to include the following program: vestibule, hall, kitchen, washrooms, storage rooms, janitor room, mechanical & electrical room. Crawl and attic spaces.

3. The intent is to implement preschool/childcare programming (occupancy to possibly 25 children), as well as select evening and weekend arts and heritage programs, and approved community rentals.

4. New building to rest on existing concrete foundation. At the time of the Building Permit application, the City will require a Letter of Assurance from the new Structural Engineer indicating that the existing concrete foundation meets 2018 BCBC.

5. Site development design to preserve existing boulder retaining wall on the south side.

6. Include all design phases: schematic design, design development, contract documents, tender (two meetings: Information Meeting with contractors and Interview Meeting with GC. Architect to Provide meeting minutes), construction administration (Bi-weekly construction meetings), and project closeouts.

7. Required disciplines:

a. Architecture.

b. Structural.

c. Mechanical.

d. Electrical (incl. IT scope: security/intrusion alarm system; access control/card swipe access to some doors; and original design included an inground vault inside the north PL for Telus to pull in fibre optic to the building).

e. Civil.

f. Landscape.

g. Fire suppression.

8. There is a Development Permit approved and issued by Council on July 27, 2020. The proposed replica building to be substantially in compliance with the approved DP. If there are minor deviations from the approved DP, the design team can handle this as minor amendment to approved DP as part of the BP review process.

9. New Building Permit will be required. New-build BP will need to comply with all of 2018 BCBC.

10. Geotechnical services, site survey, and Arborist retained by the City. Reports are attached to this RFP.

11. For reference, original building’s Conservation Plan is attached to this RFP. Disregard floor plan configuration in Proposed Floor Plan (PR-A1-00). The intent is to improve the space functionality in the new floor plan design.

12. Provide project schedule.

13. Building photos are for reference only.

14. Note ‘Site Plan and Elevations’ – Schedule A-2 are for reference only.

15. The Proponent may include provisions for virtual coordination and interaction with the project team and stakeholders with the intent to transition to conducting normal face-to-face business as COVID restrictions are reduced or lifted.


At the time of issuance of this RFP, a meeting has been scheduled as follows:

Date: July 13, 2021
Time: 10:00am

Where: 12152 75 Ave, Surrey, BC V3W 2S5


If the City determines that an amendment is required to this RFP, the City Representative will issue a written addendum by posting it on the BC Bid Website at and the City Website at (collectively, the “Websites”), and upon posting, any addenda will form part of this RFP. It is the responsibility of Proponents to check the Websites for addenda. The only way this RFP may be added to, or amended in any way, is by a formal written addendum. No other communication, whether written or oral, from any person will affect or modify the terms of this RFP or may be relied upon by any Proponent. By delivery of a Proposal the Proponent is deemed to have received, accepted and understood the entire RFP, including any and all addenda.

All inquiries related to this RFP should be directed in writing to the contact person named above.