No Award.

Closing Date

August 30, 2018 - 11:00 a.m. local time

Revised October 5, 2020


Owner's Representative:

Richard Oppelt, Purchasing Manager
Finance Department - Purchasing Section
Tel: (604) 590-7274

Invitation to Tender

The City of Surrey (the “Owner”) invites Tenders for the partial interior renovation work within the Surrey RCMP Main Detachment at 14355 - 57 Avenue, Surrey, British Columbia.

The Work includes the provision of all equipment, labour, disposals, materials and incidentals required to complete all of the Work as described herein these tender documents for select area renovation.

The Work includes, but is not limited to selective demolition, engineered metal stud framing, drywall, doors frames and hardware, flooring, painting, electrical lighting, power, low voltage and communications cabling, HVAC and minor plumbing alterations.

Refer to the project drawings and specifications for a complete description of the scope of the Work and services required.

ITT document for download:
Surrey RCMP Main Detachment Interior Renovations (.pdf)
Part C - Form of Tender (.doc)

Addendum No. 1 - REVISED CLOSING (.pdf)
Issue Date:  August 24, 2018

Addendum No. 2 (.pdf)
Issue Date:  August 28, 2018

Date:  Tuesday, August 21, 2018
Time:  2:00 PM
Location:  14355 - 57 Avenue, Surrey, BC

NOTICE:  All attendees must pre-register for the site information meeting by submitting requested attendee full names and dates of birth by August 15, 2018.  Those who have not been approved through pre-registration will not be allowed to participate on the site tour.

Tenderers are to meet in the public lobby for sign in.

Tenderers are required to check the Owner’s Website for any updated information and addenda issued before the Closing Time.

If the Owner determines that an amendment is required to this ITT, the Owner’s Representative will issue a written addendum by posting it on the Owner’s website (the “Owner’s Website”) and upon posting will be deemed to form a part of this ITT.  No amendment of any kind to the ITT is effective unless it is posted in a formal written addendum on the Owner’s Website.  Upon submitting a TenderTenderers will be deemed to have received notice of all addenda that are posted on the Owner’s Website.

All inquiries related to this ITT should be directed in writing to the person named below (the “Owner’s Representative”).