Christie Lites Sales

Closing Date

May 10, 2019

Revised September 28, 2020


Richard D. Oppelt
Purchasing Manager
Finance Department
Tel: (604) 590-7274

Request for Quotations


Product Specifications - Refer to RFQ document:

  • Color Mixing Light Emitting Diode Profile Fixture
  • Source Four LED Fresnel Adapter
  • Dimming Modules
  • DMX/RDM Ethernet Gateway - Two Port
  • Data Cabling
  • Power Cabling

Delivery Date:
Receipt of goods shall be on or before June 28, 2019.

The anticipated purchase is in excess of 100 fixtures. Quantities ordered is dependent on pricing. All pricing to follow these guidelines:

  • Unit pricing only
  • Where discounts are available for minimum quantities the quantity should be noted with a per unit price. Each price break to be a separate line item.
  • Pricing to include shipping fees

Trade-in of Existing Fixtures:
The replacement of the existing lighting fixtures will create a number of fixtures available for trade-in equal to or greater than the quantity of new fixtures ordered. A trade-in value for these fixtures is sought. Refer to the Trade-in price table in Section 2 of Schedule B.

RFQ document for download:
Upgrading Theatrical Lighting (.pdf)
Schedule B - Form of Quotation (.doc)


If the City determines that an amendment is required to this RFQ, the City Representative will issue a written addendum by posting it on the BC Bid Website at  (the “BC Bid Website”) and the City Website at (the “City Website”) that will form part of this RFQ.  It is the responsibility of Contractors to check the BC Bid Website and the City Website for addenda.  The only way this RFQ may be added to, or amended in any way, is by a formal written addendum.  No other communication, whether written or oral, from any person will affect or modify the terms of this RFQ or may be relied upon by any Contractor.  By delivery of a Quotation, the Contractor is deemed to have received, accepted and understood the entire RFQ, including any and all addenda.

All inquiries related to this Request for Quotation ("RFQ") should be directed in writing to the contact person named above.