Food Trucks

Come and enjoy some delicious food! Surrey Canada Day is proud to offer a variety of plant-based, vegan, vegetarian and gluten-free options.

  • Bannock Queen  (V, VE,): Donna Lee is proudly Metis. She creates a variety of yummy Bannock items.

  • Burgerholic (V, VE, GF): Juicy burgers with lots of great toppings.

  • Big Red Poutine (V, VE, GF): Bug Red's Poutine serves real cheese curds on his fresh cut fries.

  • Bread and Cheese (V, VE): Bread & Cheese is a chef-run gourmet grilled sandwich food truck, providing Metro Vancouver with a euphoric sandwich experience.

  • Booster Juice (V, VE, GF): Fresh Squeezed Juice and Smoothies

  • Dolce Amore (V, VE, GF): Genuine gelato & sorbetto, handcrafted in small batches in East Van's Little Italy on the Drive.

  • Food Daddy (V): Persian Foods - kebobs and much more!

  • Insomniac Coffee Co. (V, VE, GF): Get caffeinated and fueled by the mobile Coffee and Juice Truck. Serving 100% Organic Fairtrade Coffee and fresh-pressed juices. Receive a discount if you bring your reusable cup! 

  • Kona Ice (V, VE, GF): Kona Ice shaved ice is vitamin-fortified, Smart Snack approved, and sweetened with pure cane sugar and all-natural stevia leaf extract.

  • Jamaican Mi Juicy (V, VF): Our Jamaican Jerk Chicken Caesar Wrap will tantalize your taste buds, and our 100% natural smoothies are blended to perfection from such succulent fruits as mango, strawberry, pineapple and raspberry then sweetened with 100% cane sugar.

  • Japa Dog Cart  (V, VE, GF): They are making the world happy and alive through hotdogs. The most delicious hotdogs! And to help the planet, they source local farmers for all ingredients. 

  • JJ Hot Cobbs (V, VE, GF): We serve delicious roasted corn in the husk with a wide variety of condiments.

  • Lemon Heaven (V, VE, GF): "Only the good lemons make it into Lemon Heaven"

  • Mr Ken's Donuts (V, VE): Mini donuts - a festival favorite!

  • Mr. Frosty (V): You Scream I Scream we all Scream for Ice cream 

  • Mr Tube Steak (V): A Tube Steak is the best hot dog you ever had!

  • Mo Bacon (V): Everything tastes better with Bacon on it and that's what we do even our chipotle chicken.

  • Corn Dog King: The perfect mix of sweet and savoury, are a fun snack or meal.

  • Organic Villa (V, VE): Hurricane potatoes and Mac and Cheese Bites.

  • The Original Hurricane Potato (V, VE, GF): The Original Hurricane Potato - Delicious, crispy, perfect snack for all ages!  

  • Rocky Point Ice Cream (V): Handcrafted and freshly-made in Port Moody; the creative flavours and creamy textures will put a smile on your face. 

  • Reel Mac and Cheese (V, VE): Gourmet Mac and Cheese made from scratch and inspired by movie stars. They pride themselves on using the best ingredients to create the best Mac and Cheese. Come taste their delicious vegan Mac and Cheese! 

  • S & L Concessions (V, VE, GF): Traditional Festival Favorites - Cotton Candy and Sno Cones.

  • Slavic Rolls (V): Now here is a dessert! A Slavic Roll is a pastry cylinder rolled in sugar and cinnamon and baked on a rotisserie caramelizing the toppings. Then filled with goodness, it's an irresistible, possibly addictive taste.

  • Sweet Licks (V): Your favourite refreshing and creamy soft serve ice cream.

  • Taste of Heaven (V): Taste of Heaven is a social enterprise from NightShift Street Ministries, a non-profit organization in Surrey that feeds love, hope, purpose and nightly meals to people who are stuck in some of life's most difficult situations - poverty, addiciton, mental illness, homelessness, and lonliness.

  • Tin Lizzy Mini Donuts (V, VE): Our specialty formulated batter mixed right on site to ensure the perfect proofing time giving it the most airy and fluffy mini donuts that you have ever eaten.

  • Triple O's (V): The 30-foot mobile restaurant brings the great taste of Triple O’s to your event! 

  • Wings (V):  Fresh, never-frozen wings cooked to order, Kennebec fries, Mississippi pulled pork sandwiches, calyspo sandwiches, giant chocolate chip cookie and more!

  • Kyu Grill: Serves Japanese Hawaiian Fusion dishes including birria tacos and battered shrimp.


V = Vegetarian, VE = Vegan Options, GF = Gluten Free Options


We couldn't do this without the generous support of our sponsors. If you're interested, we'd love to chat. We look forward to working with companies and organizations ready and excited to share their love for the community!

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