The Heels

Encouragement and inspiration. Positivity and prowess. Fun and flare. None are in short supply when it comes to high-energy country trio The Heels – and yeah, the music is damn good, too. 

The band was born of a desire to heal through music, and now they’re carrying that mission forward and sharing it with an ever-growing fanbase. Theirs is a message of optimism and empowerment set to a sweet country soundtrack full of monster hooks and magnetic multi-part harmonies as showcased on their heralded debut LP, 2018’s Love, Heels.

The Heels also deliver a whirlwind of an unforgettable live music experience. The shows are colourful, both figuratively and literally, and ripe with accessible, relatable, arena-ready country anthems. 

Knowing first-hand how great music and an empowering message can generate positivity and prosperity, The Heels are compelled to share both with every single person they encounter on their ongoing journey.


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