Jessie Farrell

Jessie Farrell is a singer-songwriter with a passion for entertaining audiences with songs that connect with children and grownups alike. 

Having established herself as Canada's country music sweetheart -- winning top honours from the Canadian Country Music Association, touring and writing with the biggest acts in country music, and building a loyal and loving fanbase from coast to coast -- Jessie stepped out of the spotlight in 2011 to raise her children.

Motherhood would prove to be a powerful muse. Jessie poured her passion into writing music for her daughter, Eloise and later, her newborn son, Waylon. With an emphasis on melody and rhyme, she wrote about the little things that captivate a curious mind.

The songs became her first children’s album, Take Me Outside. Shortly after that album was released, the catchy and whimsical songs were featured in the CBC Kids television series, Scout & The Gumboot Kids. CBC then greenlit a music-based spin-off series starring Jessie, Jessie & The Gumboot Kids.

Jessie has since recorded three more children's albums - Chirp Chirp Happy in 2017 and Sparkle & Shine in 2018 and Me and My Apple in 2019, and is currently in production on her latest album, Soundwaves to be released in the Fall of 2019.


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