Toque are a highly skilled, and well known, set of Professional Rock musicians.

In 2012, Todd Kerns, Brent Fitz and Cory Churko took time out of their busy schedules playing with Slash and Kelly Clarkson to band together and play a charity event in Winnipeg, Canada. They decided the theme of the night was to play only Canadian classic music.

With a setlist comprised of tunes by such greats as, Streetheart, Queen City Kids, Kim Mitchell, Loverboy, Saga, Platinum Blonde, Harlequin and Aldo Nova they played to a packed house raising money for Cancer research.

The night was such a success that they decided to put together a record to celebrate the best in Canadian Music and remake the songs that influenced and inspired their careers. Toque was born!

(Sony) is: 13 Timeless, Pure Canadian Rock Hits, played flawlessly and with high respect to the originals. Inspired by a love of Hockey, The CFL, Real Rock n Roll , Beers in the Snow, A Pipin’ Hot Cup of Tim’s and being Canadian eh.

The band are all world class musicians, who tour the globe routinely as key members of Slash, Alice Cooper, Shania Twain, Kelly Clarkson, Age of Electric, Gene Simmons, and more.

This is a high level of players - bringing real rock out to those who love it with great energy and stellar showmanship.

They play crowd pleasing’ Canadian Classic Rock Covers. (Streetheart, Kim Mitchell, Platinum Blonde, April Wine, Loverboy, Trooper...and more)

Rock n Roll, Pedigree - which includes:

  • Todd Kerns - Age of Electric, Slash,
  • Brent Fitz - Gene Simmons, Alice Cooper, Slash, Whitford St. Holmes
  • Cory Churko - Shania Twain, Kelly Clarkson
  • Shanne Gaalaas - B’z, Yngwie Malmsteen, Uli Jon Roth, Glenn Hughes, Hughes/Turner



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