Sade Awele

Sade Awele is a Nigerian-Canadian, award winning singer, songwriter & performer based in Vancouver, BC. She embodies a soulful character of love reflected in her engaging smile and persona. She expresses it through her timeless lyrics, and music that ranges from afro-soul and conscious alternative r&b to neo-soul and contemporary r&b. Sade's eclectic taste allows her to draw inspiration from vast range of genres into her music. This allows her to stay inspired and refreshed, while giving the audience a new and fun experience.

Her lyrics have been described to have substance and authenticity, and her jazzy voice will put you in a soothing trance with familiar tones; yet her sound is in a category of its own. Her most recent work includes a series of singles, including “Count on Me”, “Nigerian Born”, “Dreams”, “Apple Pie”, “Yours” available on all music platforms. Best part of her recent project of singles is their accompanying music videos on Youtube and IGTV. There is so much more to come from her unique sound.

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