Main Stage


11:00 AM Diamonds in the Rough
1:00 PM The Oot & Oots
1:30 PM

Indigenous Welcome

Opening Ceremonies with Mayor & Council

O Canada with Ashley Pater + Cedar Hills Caledonian Pipe Band

2:00 PM Ashley Pater
2:30 PM Git Hayetsk Dancers
3:30 PM Mikey Jose
4:20 PM En Karma
5:10 PM Old Soul Rebel
5:40 PM DJ Marvel
6:05 PM Haviah Mighty
7:20 PM Cultural Sharing with Land-Based Nations
7:50 PM Shawnee Kish
8:30 PM DJ Marvel
8:45 PM Arkells
10:15 PM Fireworks

Siam Stage


11:30 AM Kwel Eng Sen Dancers
12:00 PM Residential School Survivor Honouring Ceremony
12:30 PM JJ Lavallee
2:00 PM Teon Gibbs
3:00 PM  Renae Morriseau and Adrian Glynn
4:00 PM Git Hayetsk Dancers
4:50 PM The Big Shiny Band
5:40 PM Babylung

Kid's Stage


11:00 AM Norma McKnight
11:30 AM Matt Henry
12:30 PM Kung Jaadee
1:00 PM Norma McKnight
2:00 PM The Oot & Oots
2:30 PM Kung Jaadee
3:00 PM Norma McKnight
4:00 PM The Oot & Oots


Community Stage

Community Hub

11:00 AM Pleasant Trees
12:00 PM Pat Chessell
1:00 PM Glisha
2:00 PM Yvonne Kushe
3:00 PM Songpati Latin Band
4:00 PM Ashley Pater
5:00 PM Michaela Slinger
6:00 PM M'Girl
7:00 PM FKA Rayne

Dance Stage

Community Hub

12:40 PM Natasha Presents: The Get Down Hip Hop Battle
1:40 PM Natasha Presents: The Get Down Hip Hop Battle
2:40 PM Natasha Presents: The Get Down Hip Hop Battle
3:40 PM J-Editz: Decibel Entertainment
4:40 PM Natasha Presents: The Get Down Hip Hop Battle
5:40 PM J-Editz: Decibel Entertainment
6:40 PM J-Editz: Decibel Entertainment


55+ Summer Social

The Barn

10:30 AM Matt Henry
10:45 AM Indigenous Welcome with Kwantlen First Nation
11:10 AM  Pat Chessell
11:40 AM Tyson Venegas
12:00 PM Opening Ceremony with Mayor & Council
12:30 PM Rangla Punjab Arts Academy
12:45 PM Zumba

The Barn Stage

The Barn

2:00 PM Syd Carter West
3:00 PM Adewolf
4:00 PM Syd Carter West
5:00 PM Kyle Hensby & The Rowdy Spurs
6:00 PM Jasmine Bharucha
8:00 PM Tanner Olsen Band


*All schedules are subject to change.


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