Download the 2018 schedule.

Main Stage

11:00am   Matt Henry
12:00pm   Toque Flamenco
1:00pm   RedPath
1:30pm   Cedar Hills Caledonian Pipe Band
  O' Canada - Arianna Abegayle
  Opening Ceremonies - Mayor and Council
2:30pm   Terri-Lynn Williams-Davidson 
  with Bill Henderson and Claire Lawrence
3:30pm   Kutapira
4:30pm   Krystle Dos Santos
5:30pm   Warren Dean Flandez
6:10pm   DJ Flipout
6:30pm   Toque
7:10pm   DJ Flipout
7:30pm   Brett Kissel
8:30pm   DJ Flipout
8:55pm   Brett Kissel - O' Canada
9:00pm   Serena Ryder
10:15pm   DJ Flipout
10:30pm   Fireworks Finale

Tim Hortons Maple Leaf Stage

11:30am   RedPath
12:30pm   Harlequin Gold
1:15pm   Rangla Punjab Arts Academy
2:00pm   Flow N' Motion
3:00pm   Korean Traditional Lion and Drum Dancers
4:00pm   Leisure Club
5:00pm   Terri-Lynn Williams-Davidson
  with Bill Henderson and Claire Lawrence
6:10pm   The Faceplants (Play Surrey Contest Winner)

Kid's Stage

11:00am   Cosmo's Circus
11:30am   Rockin' Robin
12:00pm   Norma McKnight
12:30pm   Cosmo's Circus
1:00pm   Matt Henry
2:00pm   Rockin' Robin
2:30pm   Norma McKnight
3:00pm   Cosmo's Circus
4:00pm   Norma McKnight

Strawberry Tea

11:00am   Josh Eastman
11:30am   Top Line Vocal Collective
12:20pm   Nakajima Duo
1:00pm   Classic Steps Dancers
1:45pm   Seasons of Frankie Valli


All set times are subject to change.