Celestial Being


Green Thumb Theatre
Leap Frog Stage
50 minutes + 10 minute Q&A

Grades: Kindergarten to Grade 6
Ages: 5 to 11

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About Celestial Being

Celeste is having a hard time at school; she can’t seem to make any friends in her class, so she decides she must be from outer space. That’s when Celeste meets Martin, a new boy at school, and their adventure takes a new turn. Celeste explores the world of a young girl with a big imagination and her struggle making social connections. As we see the world through her eyes, and the tremendous colour and joy that her inner world presents, we realize that seeing things differently can be a wonderful gift.

Show quotes

“An excellent theatrical performance. The production focused on differences in people and acceptance. Our students were fully engaged throughout the performance.”  Coquitlam River Elementary

“Celestial Being is one of those shows that truly encapsulates my belief in the importance of Theatre for Youth Audiences.”  Brittany Church, Education Manager, The Orpheum Theatre Memphis TN

Performance times

 Thursday  May 24  9:15 - 10:05 10 min Q&A
 Friday  May 25  12:45 - 1:35 10 min Q&A
 Saturday  May 26  10:30 - 11:20 10 min Q&A

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