Will's Jams

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Show type: Music
Performed by: Will Stroet
From: BC
Languages: English | French
Venue: Main Stage
Time: 50 minutes + Q&A

Grades:  Pre-school to Grade 3
Ages: 1 to 8

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Get prepared to sing along, here's a few songs that Will's Jams will be sure to play:

English Performances:

French performances:

About Will's Jams

Will's Jams - Just Imagine will get your kids up and dancing along to the witty wordplay, sign language and catchy sing-along choruses.  This a multilingual show in English and French (with some Mandarin and Spanish) features Will’s most popular songs for students from all of his nationally-acclaimed albums. Over the past decade touring schools, Will has developed a top-notch school show with original music that explores the themes of literacy, imagination and creativity, and living a healthy and active lifestyle, which ties into the new integrated school curriculum. Students and teachers will be inspired to join along in the actions, singing and dancing during this interactive musical show.  On Saturday, May 25, join Will's Jams for the release of his new album, Rocks & Roots, featuring songs about nature and spending time with family outdoors.

“Will’s Jams brings authentic family friendly music to CBC Kids and is a fan favourite on TV, online and at our events.” - Marie McCann, Senior Director, Children's Content, CBC

“Educational, fun loving, funky folk/rock that children of any age can love and learn from. Upbeat and always entertaining and educational, Will Stroet brings to children’s music what is truly needed: a sense of loving the little things in life while exploring the world around you. Will is sure to be around in this scene for a long time to come.” — Zachary Monson, programmer, Kids’ Stuff, Galaxie radio

“La qualité de ses textes, racontant des histoires cocasses ou faisant la promotion d’un mode de vie sain, s’aligne parfaitement aux mélodies rythmées livrées par le groupe pour créer une ambiance des plus amusantes et conviviales. Tout le monde y trouve son compte, tant les jeunes que les parents qui chantent avec un réel enthousiasme. Will sait faire participer les enfants qui ne se gênent pas d’ailleurs pour monter sur la scène et danser avec lui. Nous avons présenté son spectacle à trois reprises cette année et ce fut un tel succès que nous n’hésiterons pas à le réinviter à nouveau.”  - Jade Lachapelle Responsable des communications, du marketing et des partenariats, Le Centre culturel francophone de Vancouver

Audience Experience

Laugh, clap, sing-along, dance in your seat, some audience members invited onto the stage with the performer.

Performance Times

 Thursday  Will's Jams - Just Imagine  May 23 9:30 - 10:20 English
 Thursday  Will's Jams - Imagine  May 23 11:05 - 11:55 French
 Friday Will's Jams - Imagine  May 24  1:00 - 1:50 French
 Saturday  Will's Jams - Rocks & Roots  May 25 10:30 - 11:20 English


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