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Consultation Principles

The City government, together with 38 community associations from across Surrey, created these standard principles to guide consultations. These principles make sure consultations are effective and responsible as the City grows and moves forward.

Statement A

The City of Surrey is committed to public engagement that is open, relevant, proactive, equitable, partnership-based, ethical, responsive, accessible, available, and balanced through education and communications, and guided by the following principles:

1. Two-Way Communication:
Communication between the City and Community Groups should be timely, all inclusive, responsive, transparent, collaborative, and provide opportunities for the engagement of the Community Groups and the Community at large at all phases via many communication modes.

 2. Respectful Partnership:
The City and Community Groups will work to build and maintain relationships that reflect constructive, respectful, meaningful, inclusive and compassionate partnerships aimed at achieving outcomes built upon all voices. The City and Community Groups acknowledge that outcomes and priorities may change and that mechanisms for ongoing dialogue shall be in place.

3. Inclusive Public Process:
The City should ensure that public process is accessible to all members of the community via many communication modes, will encourage the equal involvement of Community Groups who wish to be heard, and will acknowledge the inherent value of all participant views.

4. Balance:
The City and Community Groups will work to acknowledge and understand the diverse needs and priorities that exist within the communities, and as partners shall commit to balancing these with the interests of the wider community.

5. Responsive Dispute Resolution:
The City and Community Groups acknowledge the value of dispute resolution and shall commit to jointly resolve disagreements as they arise to ensure that consultation proceeds in a balanced, timely and productive manner.

Statement B:

The City of Surrey supports the open flow of timely information amongst government, the Community Groups and the community-at-large based on the following principles:

1. Early Involvement:
The City should ensure that various input options are in place to enable Community Group involvement at all stages of City policy development, including inception, issue identification, concept development, design and implementation.

2. Transparency:
The City should ensure for adequate notification of initiatives and projects at all stages, and should be committed to provide substantive opportunities for public input and feedback to facilitate meaningful discourse that ensures a partner-based decision-making process.

3. Accountability:
The City should establish proper checks and balances on all initiatives and projects through timely, measureable, reasonable, achievable, and realistic feedback and reporting-out mechanisms. The City shall ensure the Community Groups have access to decision-makers as part of the feedback mechanism.

4. Knowledge and Education:
The City should undertake timely educational initiatives to ensure that all parties have the required information at all stages to enable an informed discussion, and the Community Groups need to be receptive and responsive to these initiatives.

5. Information Updates:
The City is committed to facilitate ongoing dialogue with Community Groups that represents effective, timely and two-way communication. The Community Groups will ensure the City is apprised of any contact changes and/or additions to community associations to ensure all groups are engaged and included in the City’s communications