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Age-Friendly Strategy for Seniors

Active Aging Resource Fair

The Surrey Age Friendly Strategy for Seniors is a city-wide framework for working together to ensure seniors are supported and can remain actively engaged and safe in our community. This Strategy is based on the World Health Organization’s work on Global Age Friendly Cities.

Download the Age-Friendly Strategy

Age-Friendly Strategy outcomes

Safety and Health & Wellness

Seniors are supported to be active and engaged in their community and engagement practices are in place to prevent isolation. This also includes reducing senior harm and victimization, as well as improving their emergency preparedness and ability to be resilient when faced with challenges. We focus on helping seniors avoid scams and on preventing and reporting elder abuse and neglect.

Transportation and Mobility

Seniors have a range of safe, convenient and affordable transportation options.


Seniors have access to affordable and appropriate housing and support necessary to remain as independent as possible.

Buildings and Outdoor Spaces

Public places, outdoor spaces and buildings are designed to be welcoming, safe and accessible.

Read through the complete Surrey Age-Friendly Strategy to learn about the goals, outcomes and strategies.

We developed the Strategy through a consultation process and in building on planning documents to address the needs of the seniors in Surrey. The Age Friendly Strategy is also connected to many other Surrey strategies, such as the Public Safety Strategy, Official Community Plan and the Parks, Recreation & Culture 10-Year

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