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Land & Road Encroachments

Encroachments can be classified as either structural improvements (building, fence, driveway, retaining wall, etc.) made upon and/or personal use of City land or road allowance.

Encroachments of City property or road allowance are most often discovered when properties are being sold. Other times, encroachments are discovered through development permit applications, site visits by City staff and complaints from the public.

A property owner may be able to enter into an Encroachment Agreement with the City to allow for the encroachment to continue. There are certain conditions, costs and processes for eligibility to an Encroachment Agreement.

If an encroachment is found on a property designated or identified as park, the City of Surrey will not enter into an Encroachment Agreement. Using park land for personal use contravenes the Parks, Recreation & Culture Facilities Regulation Bylaw 13480.

In instances where the encroachment poses a risk or injury, is a safety hazard or interferes with utilities or traffic, the property owner will be required to remove the encroachment at their own expense.