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Council approves city-wide upgrade to LED street lights

February 2, 2016

Surrey is one of the first cities in Canada to embark on a full conversion of street lighting to LED. Council endorsed the five year implementation strategy at last night’s Regular Council meeting to replace 28,000 existing street lights with LED roadway lighting technology. The first phase of the plan will see the conversion of 7,100 street lamps to LED lighting in Guildford and City Centre.

"The move to convert our street lighting to LED is another example of Surrey being at the forefront of Smart Cities," says Mayor Linda Hepner. "For motorists, cyclists and pedestrians the LED lights will enhance visibility and safety. LED lights also consume less power than the current sodium lights, which will result in significant cost savings to the City once the conversion is complete."

Compared to sodium lights, LED lights make it easier for road users to see pedestrians and signs, and the lighting quality of LED’s also result in reduced eyestrain and fatigue.

"The switch to LED lights fits well with the goals for a Sustainable Surrey," says Councillor Mike Starchuk, Chair of the Environmental Sustainability Advisory Committee. "LED lights are more environmentally friendly as they consume less power and last times four times longer than sodium lights."

Once the street lighting upgrade has been completed city wide, the high efficiency and life expectancy of LED lights will result in approximately $1,000,000 in annual savings in reduced power consumption and maintenance costs. The cost of replacing the City’s lighting fixtures to LED lights is estimated at $11,000,000.


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