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New publication helps local governments “Design Out Crime”

November 9, 2016

For immediate release: Nov. 9, 2016

Citizens expect their local governments to protect them from crime, and to respond quickly and effectively when crime occurs. As costs associated with law enforcement continue to mount, governments are forced to consider crime prevention in a more serious way.

The new book Designing Out Crime, edited by Surrey Fire Chief and University of Fraser Valley adjunct professor Len Garis and Wilfrid Laurier University professor Paul Maxim November, provides governments with an authoritative tool to help them evaluate and implement crime-prevention solutions. Employing theoretical background and practical advice, the book examines new ways of dealing with prolific offenders.

Surrey Mayor Linda Hepner, who wrote the book’s forward, noted: “Cities are on the front line of law enforcement, and we need proactive crime-prevention programs that are not only based on evidence, but are tailored to our communities. It’s timely to have a new resource that translates the professional literature into a form that is both relevant and useful.”

Designing Out Crime finds that while crime-prevention programs tend to suffer from a lack of sustained support and funding, many potential solutions would not require a massive capital investment or significant reorganization of communities.

 “This project was a perfect fit for our Centre for Public Safety and Criminal Justice Research, which assists government agencies in evaluating programs and approaches in order to reduce crime,” said UFV president Dr. Mark Evered. “In bringing together the knowledge and research of so many participating criminologists, the book offers valuable insights to all governments with an interest in preventing crime.”

“As communities and the criminal justice system continue their fight against crime, they need to refocus on crime prevention and see it for what it is worth in the long-term,” co-editor Maxim said. “Small investments in the right places can result in very large returns. We often know what we need to do––we just have to start doing it.”

Designing Out Crime, published by the University of the Fraser Valley, features chapters written by criminologists and academics from across North America: Gurvir Brar, Kevin Burk, Irwin Cohen, Yvon Dandurand, Jordan Diplock, Trevor Johnson, Darryl Plecas and Julia Shuker from the UFV; Adrienne Peters from Memorial University of Newfoundland; and Tim Croisdale from California State University, Sacramento.

Designing Out Crime and other public safety publications may be downloaded for free here.


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Surrey Fire Service
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