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Brush Fire Sign Campaign

Brush Fire Sign Campaign. Sign reads 'Surrey Fire Service attended a preventable fire at this location. Please use your ashtray and smoke responsibly.'

July 27, 2017

For immediate release: July 27, 2017

Surrey, BC – The most likely and frequent cause of brush/grass fires is an improperly disposed of cigarette or smoking material. In an effort to curb these kinds of preventable incidents, the Surrey Fire Service will be placing signs on site when a fire crew attends a brush/grass fire.  The signs will be used in high traffic areas such as a median or at the entrance to a park trail.

Between May 1 2017 and July 26 2017 the Surrey Fire Service has responded to 256 brush/grass fires. The majority of the brush fires in the City of Surrey are caused by carelessly discarded cigarettes.

Please remember to dispose of smoking materials properly!

For further information:

Jason Cairney
Assistant Chief Fire Prevention
Surrey Fire Service
City of Surrey