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2018 Regular Council Corporate Reports

R001:  Pre-qualification of Contractors for Dyke, In-stream, Stormwater Detention and Related Works
R002:  Closure of Road Allowance Adjacent to 10863 and 10873 – 160 Street
R003:  Approval of Road Closure Adjacent to 3530 – 144 Street and Consolidation with Semiahmoo Heritage Trail
R004:  Approval of Road Closure of 14571 and 14575 – 32 Avenue and Consolidation with Semiahmoo Heritage Trail
R005:  Age Friendly Strategy for Seniors – A Year in Review
R006:  2018 Sponsor Appreciation Event
R007:  Extension of Contract No. 1220-050-2015-009 for Wireless Services and Devices
R008:  Closure of Road Adjacent to 15633 Mountain View Drive
R009:  Amendment to the Fraser Sewerage Area Boundary to Add a Portion of the Property at 5175 - 184 Street
R010:  Award of Contract No. 1717-059-21:  105 Avenue Connector and Feeder Water Main (Phase 2)
R011:  Pre-Qualification of Contractors for Water Main Rehabilitation by Cured in Place Pipe Lining
R012:  Sponsorship Request - All Aboard Wanderlust
R013:  Cultural Grants Program - 2018 Grant Allocations
R014:  Proposed Text Amendments to Surrey Zoning By-law, 1993, No. 12000
R015:  2016 Canada Census Update - Demographic Information
R016:  Young Agrarians 2018 Land Matching Program
R017:  Acquisition of Property at 10725 King George Boulevard for Future Collector Road
R018:  Award of Contract No. 1717-060-11:  River Road and Grace Road Connection
R019:  Local Area Service and Road Opening in 51B Avenue East of 188 Street and in 188 Street South of 51B Avenue – Final Costs and Apportionment – Bylaw No. 18028
R020:  10-Year (2018-2027) Servicing Plan and 2018 Development Cost Charge Bylaw
R021:  Sponsorship Request – President's Annual Simon Fraser University (SFU) Surrey Gala Dinner
R022:  Mayor's Economic Advisory Committee
R023:  City of Surrey's Participation at MIPIM 2018, March 13 – 16, 2018
R024:  Canada 150 Celebration Update
R025:  Cannabis Legalization Report:  A Framework for Action
R026:  Public Hearing Notification and Speaking Procedures
R027:  Award of Contract No. 4717-053-11: Frontage Road Sanitary Sewer
R028:  Award of Contract No. 1717-059-31: Hawthorne Rotary Park Improvements
R029:  Acquisition of Portion of Privately-Owned Propery at 6577 - 142 Street and Disposition of Portions of City Park Property at 14102 - 66 Avenue
R030:  Closure of Road Allowance Adjacent to 14225 - 33 Avenue, 14131 - 34A Avenue, 3399 - 144 Street and 14390 Crescent Road (Elgin Estates Park)
R031:  Newton Business Improvement Association (BIA) Mural Proposal
R032:  Award of Contract No. 1220-040-2018-002: Kids Explore Zone Exhibition Project, Museum of Surrey
R033:  Sustainability Charter 2.0 Implementation Update
R034:  Award of Contract No. 1717-059-51:  Storm Sewer and Roadworks
R035:  Award of Contract No. 1718-003-11:  2018 Collector Package #2
R036:  Award of Contract No. 4816-052-21:  Miscellaneous Drainage and In‑Stream Improvements
R037:  Award of Contract No. 1716-058-11:  128 Street Arterial Widening
R038:  Award of Contract No. 1717-059-41:  Hawthorne Rotary Park Improvements (Phase 2)
R039:  Award of Contract No. 1718-001-11:  2018 Major Arterial Road Paving Project
R040:  Award of Contract No. 4815-806-11:  Chantrell Creek Rehabilitation at 13568 Crescent Road
R041:  Cost Contribution for the Relocation of a Metro Vancouver Water Main
R042:  Reimbursements for Construction of 22 Avenue and Drainage Corridor Dedication on 166 Street
R043:  Amendments to Water Shortage Response By-law 2004, No. 15454 and Amendments to Surrey Municipal Ticket Information Utilization By-law, 1994, No. 12508
R044:  Renewal of Downtown Surrey Business Improvement Area
R045:  Extension of Tree Watering Contract (No. 1220-040-2015-074)
R046:  Hazardous Lands Updates:  Zoning By-law and Building Bylaw Amendments
R047:  Cloverdale Slope – Request for Zoning Changes Update
R048:  Rosemary Heights Central – Suburban Pocket Land Use Review
R049:  Cannabis-related Zoning By-law Amendments
R050:  Ban on Retail Sales of Dogs, Cats and Rabbits
R051:  Update on Land Use Contract Termination Project and Administrative Removal of Land Title Registration Errors
R052:  Sale of City Property at 2315 – 168 Street
R053:  Award of Contract No. 1218-006-00 and Contract No. 1218-006-01:  2018 City of Surrey Water Conservation Program
R054:  Award of Contract No. 1217-051-11:  Cloverdale Water Main Construction
R055:  Award of Contract No. 1715-063-21:  Non-Arterial Road Upgrades
R056:  Award of Contract No. 1217-053-11:  North Surrey Water Main Construction
R057:  Award of Contract No. 1717-054-11:  100 Avenue Widening:  King George Boulevard to 140 Street (Phase 2)
R058:  Approval of the Sale of a Closed Portion of Lane Allowance Adjacent to 15405 – 88 Avenue (Step 2)
R059:  Approval of the Sale of a Closed Portion of Road Allowance Adjacent to 10863 and 10873 – 160 Street (Step 2)
R060:  Funding Request – Foam Free Vaisakhi Initiative
R061:  Community Enhancement Partnership Program Grant Applications – Crescent Road and King George Boulevard Project
R062:  Supplemental Funding Requests – 2018 Cultural Grants Program
R063:  Integration of the LRT Vision into Land Use Plans and Official Community Plan
R064:  School District #36 Capital Planning
R065:  Surrey Museum Expansion – Phase 2 Construction – Additional Contract Authority for Federal Grant
R066:  Surrey Affordable Housing Strategy
R067:  Award of Contract No. 1717-012-11:  2018 Safe and Active Schools Program Sidewalk Package – Phase 1
R068:  Award of Contract No. 4813-002-21:  Surrey Fraser River Flood Protection Works – Phase 2
R069:  Award of Contract No. 1717-003-11:  2018 Traffic Signal Program
R070:  Award of Contract No. 1717-057-11:  24 Avenue Widening from 161A Street to 168 Street
R071:  Award of Contract No. 4811-057-21:  Crescent Beach Drainage Improvements Phase 2
R072:  City of Surrey Water System Annual Report for 2017
R073:  Acquisition of a Portion of Privately-Owned Property at 12876 Crescent Road for Parkland Purposes, and Disposition of an Adjacent Equivalent Area of Crescent Park at 2610 – 128 Street
R074:  Approval of Road Closure of 167 Street to Increase the Overall Size of Orchard Grove Park, and Amendment of the Orchard Grove Neighbourhood Concept Plan to Designate Additional Adjacent Lands as Park
R075:  Quarterly Financial Report – First Quarter - 2018
R076:  Sponsorship Request – Indo-Canadian Dental Association
R077:  Sponsorship Request – Youth Helping Youth Society
R078:  Sponsorship Request – Darpan Extraordinary Achievement Awards
R079:  Surrey Community Child Care Task Force Update
R080:  Recommendation for Surrey Arts Centre and Guildford Library Public Indigenous Art Projects
R081:  Canucks Autism Network 10th Birthday Festival 2018 – Funding Request
R082:  Increase of Taxi Licenses
R083:  Background Studies and Terms of Reference for a Neighbourhood Concept Plan for North Clayton
R084:  2018 LED Roadway Lighting Upgrade Program
R085:  TELUS Communications Company Wireline Voice Services – Contract Renewal
R086:  Award of Contract No. 1220-030-2017-026 for Enterprise Business Intelligence and Data-Driven Decision Making Software and Services
R087:  20-Year Terms for Qualifying Development Cost Charge Front-Ending Agreements and Development Works Agreement in the Anniedale‑Tynehead Neighbourhood Concept Plan Area
R088:  License Agreement with Bell Canada for Use of Road Allowance at 12852 ‑ 96 Avenue
R089:  License Agreement with Rogers Communications Canada Inc. for Use of Road Allowances on 82A Avenue West of 132 Street and on 132 Street North of 72 Avenue
R090:  Acquisition of Property at 9043 – 184 Street for Drainage and Park Purposes
R091:  Acquisition of Property for Park Purposes at 16688 – 18 Avenue
R092:  2017 Annual Financial Report
R093:  Sponsorship Request – Canada India Networking Initiative (CINI) 2018
R094:  Sponsorship Request – 100 Year Journey Gala
R095:  Application for a UBCM Emergency Operations Centres & Training Grant
R096:  Award of Contract 1220-020-2018-003:  Synthetic Turf Replacement & Civil Works at South Surrey Athletic Park and Synthetic Turf Construction at Newton Athletic Park
R097:  Award of Contract No. 1220-020-2018-001:  Elgin Hall Parking Lot Upgrade
R098:  The Legion's Veteran's Village Project – Request for Financial Assistance
R099:  Award of Contract No. 4817-051-11:  In-Stream Drainage Improvements at Various Locations
R100:  Award of RFQ Contract 1220-040-2018-038:  Pavement Cut Services
R101:  Consultant Appointment – ISL Engineering and Land Services Ltd. Crescent Beach Drainage Improvements Phase 2 – Construction Phase
R102:  Award of Contract No. 1717-011-11:  2018 Local Roads Rehabilitation Program
R103:  Award of Contract No. 1718-002-11:  2018 Collector Road Package
R104:  Award of Contract No. 4817-052-11:  East Clayton Pond Expansion and West Clayton Pond Phase 1 Work
R105:  Funding Request – West Coast Kings Field Hockey Society
R106:  Late Grant Application – Sher Vancouver Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Questioning (LGBTQ) Friends Society
R107:  Sponsorship Request – Surrey Women's Centre
R108:  Innovation Boulevard Corp. (the "Corporation") – 2018 Annual General Meeting ("AGM")
R109:  Innovation Boulevard Society (the "Society") – 2018 Annual General Meeting ("AGM")
R110:  Surrey Homelessness and Housing Society – 2018 Annual General Meeting
R111:  Surrey City Development Corporation ("SCDC") – 2018 Annual General Meeting
R112:  Parks, Recreation & Culture Strategic Plan 2018-2027
R113:  Francis Park Amenity Upgrades – Playground and Pavilion
R114:  Extension of Contract No. 1220-060-2015-003 Janitorial and Custodial Supplies for Recreation Facilities
R115:  Award of Contract 1220-030-2018-027:  Supply, Delivery and Installation of Artificial Turf:  South Surrey Athletic Park and Newton Athletic Park
R116:  Recommendation for Clayton Community Centre Public Art Design
R117:  Recommendation for Surrey Nature Centre Public Indigenous Art Project
R118:  Recommendation for North Surrey Sport & Ice Complex Indigenous Public Art Project
R119:  Extension of the Cloverdale Fairgrounds Operating Agreement with the Lower Fraser Valley Exhibition Association and Approval of the Tenant Improvement Agreement with the Lower Fraser Valley Exhibition Association and Willow Industries Ltd.
R120:  Climate Action Revenue Incentive Program (CARIP) 2017 Reporting Requirements and 2017 Corporate Greenhouse Gas Emissions Inventory
R121:  Advisory Design Panel – Terms of Reference and Submission Requirements
R122:  Funding Request – 2018 Surrey Social Innovation Summit
R123:  Award of Contract No. 1220-030-2017-031:  Clayton Community Centre – Phase 1 Construction
R124:  Designates for Election to the E-Comm 9-1-1 Board of Directors and Representative for the City related to the E-Comm 9-1-1 Annual General Meeting
R125:  Microsoft Volume Licensing and Maintenance Agreements
R126:  Appointment of Deputy Chief Election Officer
R127:  Approval of the Sale of a Closed Portion of Road Allowance adjacent to 15633 Mountain View Drive (Step 2)
R128:  Award of Contract RFQ 1220-040-2018-015 for the Supply of Four Backhoes and Attachments
R129:  Sale of Portion of City Property Located at 14880 – 54A Avenue for Cul‑de‑Sac Purposes as Part of a Development Application Process
R130:  Supportive Policies Agreement and City Contribution Agreement for the Surrey-Newton-Guildford Light Rail Transit Project
R131:  Sponsorship Request – 2018 Crescent Beach Concours d'Elegance
R132:  Sponsorship Request – Fraser Region Aboriginal Friendship Centre Association
R133:  Supplemental Funding Requests – 2018 Cultural Grants Program
R134:  Clayton Community Centre – Phase 2 Construction
R135:  Funding Request:  Agriculture Week – Pie in the Plaza
R136:  Award of Contract No. 1718-025-11:  Pedestrian Signals and Road Improvements
R137:  Increase in Expenditure Authorization for Contract No. 4813-002-21:  Surrey Fraser River Flood Protection Works – Phase 2
R138:  Travel Time Information System:  Award of Contract No. 1220-040-2018-039:  Supply and Delivery of Three Dynamic Messaging Signs
R139:  Amendments to the Soil Permit Applications Policy
R140:  Report of Council Remuneration and Expense Payments for 2017
R141:  2017 Statement of Financial Information
R142:  Contribution Request – Federation of Canadian Municipalities Special Advocacy Fund
R143:  Fire Service Dispatch – New Agreements with Local Governments
R144:  Arts4All Festival 2018 – Funding Request
R145:  Heritage Revitalization Agreement Application No. 7918-0037-00 for 1881 Town Hall and Old Anniedale School located at 17710 – 56A Avenue
R146:  Proposed UBCM Resolution – Termination of the Refugee Transportation Loan Program for Government Assisted Refugees
R147:  Proposed Zoning By-law Amendments to Support Ground-Level Secure Bicycle Parking in Multi-Family Developments
R148:  Sullivan Heights Peafowl Relocation Action Plan
R149:  Public Safety Strategy Progress Report – Introducing Performance Measures
R150:  Amendments to District Energy System Bylaw, 2012, No. 17667
R151:  Amendments to the 1989 Cost Sharing Agreement with the Greater Vancouver Water District
R152:  Surrey-Newton-Guildford LRT Project Update – Consultation and Outreach
R153:  Reduced Parking Setback Adjacent to Fire Hydrants
R154:  Acquisition of Property at 10261 – 140 Street, for 140 Street Road Widening and Park Purposes
R155:  Acquisition of Property at 10271 – 140 Street, for 140 Street Road Widening and Park Purposes
R156:  Supplemental Funding Requests – 2018 Cultural Grants Program
R157:  FCM Building Inclusive & Green Municipalities Partnership Update
R158:  Award of Contract No. 1220-040-2017-065 for Managed Print Services and Print Devices
R159:  Award Standing Offer Agreement No. 1220-040-2018-060 for the Supply & Delivery of NetApp Storage
R160:  Award of Standing Offer Agreement No. 1220-040-2018-062 for the Supply & Delivery of Cisco Servers
R161:  Surrey Long-Range Rapid Transit Vision
R162:  Congestion Relief Strategy, 2019 - 2023
R163:  Award of Contract No. 4817-014-11:  Robson Storm and Sanitary Sewer Upgrades – Phase 1
R164:  Award of Contract No. 1714-059-31:  168 Street and Highway 10 Intersection Improvement
R165:  Award of RFQ 1220-040-2018-040 for the Supply of Compressed Natural Gas Fueled Trucks
R166:  Award of Contract No. 1718-030-11:  177B Street from 62 Avenue to 64 Avenue Local Road Construction
R167:  Servicing Agreements with the Semiahmoo First Nation
R168:  Expression of Interest and Application to Infrastructure Canada's Disaster Mitigation and Adaptation Fund
R169:  Acquisition of Property at 16411 Fraser Highway for Parkland Purposes
R170:  Acquisition of Property at 13509 – 98B Avenue for Parkland Purposes
R171:  Quarterly Financial Report – Second Quarter - 2018
R172:  Funding Request – Gadhri Memorial Mela
R173:  Recommendation for the Museum of Surrey Indigenous Public Art Project
R174:  Amend Partnering Agreement – Surrey City Hall Child Care Centre
R175:  1st Biannual Intake of Sport Tourism Grants - 2018
R176:  Cultural Grants Program 2019 – Proposed Program Guideline Changes
R177:  Community Enhancement Partnership Program Grant Applications – Newton East Wall Mural Façade Enhancement Project
R178:  Community Enhancement Partnership (CEP) Program Grant Application – 156A Street and 32 Avenue Improvement Project
R179:  BC Energy Step Code – Proposed Approach for City of Surrey
R180:  2018 Surrey Official Community Plan – Housekeeping Amendments
R181:  Delegation of Authority for the Award of Construction Contracts for the Cloverdale Sports & Ice Complex Early Construction, Cloverdale Fairgrounds Show Barn Structural Upgrade, and Grandview Heights Aquatic Centre Parking Lot Expansion
R182:  Update on the Implementation of the All Our Relations Social Innovation Strategy
R183:  North Clayton NCP Initiation – Update on Request for Additional Information
R184:  Surrey City Lab:  Proposed Partnership with Kwantlen Polytechnic University, Simon Fraser University and City of Surrey
R185:  Application to Vancouver Fraser Port Authority by BHP Billiton Canada Inc. to Implement a Direct Transfer Potash Facility at the Fraser Surrey Docks
R186:  Proposed Permissive Property Tax Exemptions for Qualifying Churches, Private Schools and Pre-1974 Care Homes for the 2019 Tax Year
R187:  Proposed Permissive Property Tax Exemptions for Not-For-Profit Societies and Licensed Community Care Facilities for 2019 Tax Year
R188:  Proposed 2019 Permissive Property Tax Exemptions for Properties Leased for the Purpose of Public Worship
R189:  Proposed 2019 Permissive Property Tax Exemptions for Heritage Properties
R190:  Appointment of District Energy Expert Rate Review Panel
R191:  BC Hydro Undergrounding for 100 Avenue Widening Between King George Boulevard and 140 Street
R192:  Recycle BC Contract Agreement – 2019 to 2023
R193:  License Agreement with Rogers Communications Canada Inc. for Use of Road Allowance on 100 Avenue
R194:  Award of Contract No. 1220-030-2018-034:  Cross Connection Control Program – Management of Backflow Prevention Assemblies
R195:  Award of Contract RFQ 1220-040-2018-077 for the Supply of Three (3) Tandem Axle Dump Trucks with Winter Maintenance Equipment
R196:  Award of Contract RFQ 1220-040-2018-071 for Thermoplastic Pavement Marking
R197:  Surrey Vision Zero Safe Mobility Plan Update
R198:  Sale of City Land at 19379 and 19409 – 76 Avenue and Acquisition of School District Land at 19374, 19398 and 19406 – 78 Avenue
R199:  Service Agreement with the Ministry of Public Works and Government Services Canada
R200:  Sponsorship Request – 11th Annual Red FM Charity Walk & Run
R201:  Sponsorship Request – Drishti Awards Gala
R202:  Surrey Libraries Strategic Plan, 2019-2023 - DRAFT
R203:  Province of BC Clean Growth Intentions Papers – City of Surrey Response
R204:  Surrey City Orchestra Society Performance – Funding Request
R205:  Community Enhancement Partnership (CEP) Program Grant Application – Snenymous (Gathering Place)
R206:  Community Enhancement Partnership (CEP) Program Grant Applications – Ocean Park Community Orchard Project
R207:  Community Enhancement Partnership (CEP) Program Grant Applications – Vacant Storefront Project
R208:  Application to Vancouver Fraser Port Authority by Fraser Grain Terminal for a Grain Export Facility at the Fraser Surrey Docks
R209: Update on the Surrey Vulnerable Women and Girls Working Group and Funding Request
R210:  MySurrey Portal Online Services Program Update
R211:  Award of Contract No. 1220-040-2018-083:  Wastewater Sewer – Inflow and Infiltration Investigation Program
R212:  Acquisition of Property at 16840 – 26 Avenue for Civic/Parkland Purposes
R213:  Sponsorship Request / Simon Fraser University (SFU) Surrey Diwali Gala 2018
R214:  Funding Request – The Flamingo Events Centre
R215:  Sponsorship Request – Mackie's Place
R216:  Concept Plan for Orchard Grove Park
R217:  Award of Contract RFQ 1220-040-2018-089 for Grandview Heights Aquatic Centre Parking Lot Expansion
R218:  Data Sharing with Technical Safety BC
R219:  2018 Local Government and School Trustee Election – Official Results
R220:  2019 Staff Inclusion Calendar
R221:  License Agreement with Bell Canada for Use of Road Allowance on 100 Avenue at 140 Street
R222:  Free Parking:  City Hall Parkade and Surrey Memorial Hospital
R223:  Surrey Additions to the TransLink Major Road Network (MRN)
R224:  Sale of City Property at 6711 – 154 Street
R225:  Sale of Surplus City Property at 17690 – 66A Avenue
R226:  Local Area Service – Phase 3 and 4 Areas of the Bridgeview Vacuum Sewer System Replacement Program – Final Costs and Apportionment Bylaw No. 18669
R227:  Acquisition of Property at 13791 – 101A Avenue for Parkland Purposes
R228:  Acquisition of Property at 9884 Lyncean Drive for Parkland PurposesAcquisition of Property at 9884 Lyncean Drive for Parkland Purposes
R229:  Quarterly Financial Report – Third Quarter - 2018
R230:  Funding Request – Surrey Firefighters Pipes & Drum Band
R231:  Late Grant Application – iShop Cloverdale
R232:  Dispatch Service – New Agreement with the City of Port Moody
R233:  Proposed Text Amendments to Public Safety Radio Building Amplification System Bylaw, 2017, No. 19108
R234:  Application for a Union of BC Municipalities Age Friendly Communities Grant
R235:  Community Enhancement Partnership (CEP) Program Grant Application – Backless Bus Benches Project
R236:  Surrey School District Eligible School Sites Proposal 2019-2020 Capital Plan
R237:  Surrey Community Profiles 2016 Census Data
R238:  2019 Council Committee Appointments
R239:  Delegation Regarding Digital Billboards on Moving Vehicles
R240:  License Agreement with Rogers Communications Canada Inc. for Use of Road Allowances
R241:  Acquisition of Property at 11597 Surrey Road for Drainage Purposes
R242:  Acquisition of Property at 10233 – 140 Street, for Road Realignment and Widening Purposes, and Park Purposes
R243:  Acquisition of Property at 13907 – 62 Avenue for Drainage and Park Purposes
R244:  Closure of Road Allowance at the Northeast Corner of 156 Street and King George Boulevard, for Conversion to Parkland (Gratitude Gardens)
R245:  Smart Cities Challenge Joint Application Update
R246:  Award of RFQ Contract No. 1220-040-2018-088 Catch Basin Cleaning Program
R247:  License Agreement with Zayo Canada for Use of Road Allowances
R248:  Local Area Service – Construction of Curbs and Related Works on 25 Avenue, East of 134 Street to Cul-de-Sac
R249:  Surrey Vision Zero Safe Mobility Plan & Summit
R250:  Right of Way Grants over Portions of the City Property at 11477 River Road to Greater Vancouver Water District
R251:  Acquisition of a 142.48 acre portion of 18793 – 32 Avenue, for Biodiversity Conservation Purposes
R252:  Acquisition of Property at 10243 – 140 Street for Park Purposes and Road Widening Purposes
R253:  Acquisition of Property at 6746 – 138 Street for Drainage and Park Purposes
R254:  New Program to Reduce Building Permit Wait Times
R255:  Development Requirements for Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure
R256:  Infrastructure Projects – Federal and Provincial Funding Update
R257:  Community Property Safety Team
R258:  Renewal of the Newton Business Improvement Area
R259:  75% Discount on Admission and Passes for Seniors 70 Years and Older
R260:  Recommendation for Maple Green Park Public Art Project
R261:  Recommendation for 2019 Public Art Street Banners