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2019 Regular Council Corporate Reports

R001:  Acquisition of Property at 13477 – 98B Avenue for Parkland Purposes
R002:  Parks, Recreation & Culture Committee
R003:  Award of Contract No. 4718-011-11:  Miscellaneous Sanitary Sewer and Water Main Upgrades
R004:  Road Closures Adjacent to 10035 – 176 Street, 17539 and 17570 – 100 Avenue
R005:  2019 Salmon Habitat Restoration Program ("SHaRP")
R006:  Award of Contract No. 1716-070-21:  192 Street Widening from 40 Avenue to Colebrook Road
R007:  Amendments to Surrey Waterworks Regulation and Charges By-law, 2007, No. 16337
R008:  Amendments to Surrey Sanitary Sewer Regulation and Charges By-law, 2008, No. 16611
R009:  Amendments to Surrey Stormwater Drainage Regulation and Charges Bylaw, 2008, No. 16610
R010:  Vision Zero Surrey Safe Mobility Plan 2019-2023
R011:  Closure of Road Adjacent to 16470 and 16510 – 18 Avenue and Disposition of a Portion of City Parkland located at 16520 – 18 Avenue
R012:  Acquisition of Property at 1642 – 177 Street for Parkland Purposes
R013:  Acquisition of Property at 1994 – 176 Street for Parkland Purposes
R014:  City Centre Parking Update
R015:  Cultural Grants Program – 2019 Grant Allocations
R016:  Second Biannual Intake of Sport Tourism Grants - 2018
R017:  Agriculture and Food Security Advisory Committee – Terms of Reference RevisionsAgriculture and Food Security Advisory Committee – Terms of Reference Revisions
R018:  Surrey 2019 Americas Olympic Qualifier Event – Funding Request
R019:  Increase of Taxicab Licenses
R020:  BC Asbestos Working Group Draft Report and Recommended Actions
R021:  Development of a Surrey Coastal Flood Adaptation Strategy 2018 Year End Update and Disaster Mitigation Adaptation Fund Status
R022:  Award of Contract No. 1717-014-11:  2019 School and Transit Sidewalks Package
R023:  Acquisition of Properties at 13229 and 13277 – 84 Avenue for Drainage Purposes
R024:  Lease of Office Premises at 901, 13485 Central Avenue from Kwantlen Polytechnic University
R025:  Acquisition of Property at 16725 – 24 Avenue for Parkland Purposes
R026:  Acquisition of Property at 16737 – 24 Avenue for Parkland Purposes
R027:  Lease of Office Space at 9460 – 140 Street (Sophie's Place)
R028:  Sponsorship Request – Simon Fraser University - Surrey
R029:  Recommendation for Fleetwood Community and Surrey Arts Centre Public Art Projects
R030:  Update on the Surrey Community Child Care Task Force and Applications for two Union of BC Municipalities Grants
R031:  Increase of Taxicab Licenses – Late Submission
R032:  Surrey Transportation Priorities for Provincial Capital Investment
R033:  Award of Contract RFQ 1220-040-2019-002:  Supply and Delivery of Earthquake Resistant Ductile Iron Pipe
R034:  Sponsorship Request – Downtown Surrey Business Improvement Association
R035:  Renewal of Newton Business Improvement Area
R036:  Proposed Park Name – Henry Houston Scott Park
R037:  Public Engagement Task Force Terms of Reference
R038:  Wake Up Surrey – Follow up to Presentation to Council in Committee (CIC)
R039:  Donation Bin Update
R040:  Audit Committee Terms of Reference Update
R041:  Proposed Lease Agreement for (14150 Green Timbers Way) E-Division Parking Lot
R042:  Award of Contract No. 1217-011-11:  Sunnyside Pump Stations Upgrades and 24 Avenue at 157 Street Valve Chamber
R043:  Award of Contract No. 1717-015-11:  2019 School Sidewalks Package #2
R044:  Award of Contract No. 1719-001-11:  2019 Arterial Road Paving Project
R045:  Metro Vancouver Projects Update
R046:  Contribution Request-Federation of Canadian Municipalities Special Advocacy Fund
R047:  Surrey Central Station TransLink Mural Proposal
R048:  Update on Implementation of Community Climate Action Strategy
R049:  Surrey-Langley SkyTrain Project Update
R050:  Award of Contract No. 1717-021-11:  King George Boulevard Arterial Paving and Intersection Improvements
R051:  Construction of Roads, Storm Mains, and Water Mains on 26 Avenue, 169 Street, and 25 Avenue
R052:  Funding Request – 102nd Anniversary of The Battle of Vimy Ridge
R053:  Surrey Libraries Strategic Plan, 2019-2023
R054:  City of Surrey – Poet Laureate
R055:  Award of Standing Offer Agreement No. 1220-060-2018-005 – Tree Pruning Services
R056:  Award of Contract No. 1220-020-2019-001:  Cloverdale Athletic Park Fieldhouse and Parking Lot
R057:  BC Energy Step Code:  Building Bylaw Amendment Regulatory Updates
R058:  Quarterly Update on Program to Reduce Building Permit Wait Times
R059:  Fraser Highway SkyTrain Corridor – Land Use Planning Review and Related Official Community Plan Updates
R060:  Consent to Award Contract Campbell Heights East Land Servicing
R061:  ServiceNow Licensing and Support Subscription Agreement
R062:  Partial Acquisition at 2656 – 160 Street for Road Widening Purposes
R063:  Extension of Contract No. 1220-040-2018-038 Pavement Cut and Maintenance Program
R064:  Construction of Storm Mains on 175A Street and Abbey Drive 
R065:  Approval of the Sale of Closed Portions of Road Allowance Adjacent to 10035 – 176 Street and 17539 and 17570 – 100 Avenue (Step 2)
R066:  Application to the CleanBC Communities Fund to Expand Surrey's Public Electric Vehicle Charging Network
R067:  George Massey Crossing Project Goals and ObjectivesGeorge Massey Crossing Project Goals and Objectives
R068:  Closure of Road Adjacent to 6173 – 144 Street
R069:  Acquisition of Property for Park Purposes at 6173 – 144 Street
R070:  Love Where You Live – Surrey Clean-up and Beautification Initiative
R071:  2018 Annual Financial Statements
R072:  Renewal of Tree Watering Contract No. 1220-040-2015-074
R073:  Supplemental Funding Request – 2019 Cultural Grants Program
R074:  Award of Contract No. 1220-040-2018-107:  Wood Soffit Repair and Refinishing
R075:  Early Adoption Initiative – Mass Timber Construction
R076:  Approval of the Sale of a Closed Portion of Road Allowance Adjacent to 16470 and 16510 – 18 Avenue (Step 2)
R077:  Parking Update – Select Land Uses and Parking Stall Dimensions
R078:  Award of Contract 1220-030-2019-015:  Synthetic Turf Field Replacement – Tamanawis Park
R079:  E-Comm 9-1-1:  Board of Directors Seat Rotation and Designate for Election and Designate to the 2019 Annual General Meeting
R080:  Award of Contract No. 4718-008-11:  Robson Sanitary Sewer Upgrades Phase 2
R081:  Award of Contract No. 1220-040-2019-13:  2019 Storm Sewer Video Inspection Program
R082:  Award of Contract No. 1718-007-21:  2019 Transit Stops Improvements
R083:  Truck Parking Task Force Status Update
R084:  City of Surrey Water System Annual Report for 2018
R085:  Quarterly Financial Report – First Quarter - 2019
R086:  Additional Ice Time Allocation for the 2019/2020 Season
R087:  First Biannual Intake of Sport Tourism Grants - 2019
R088:  Community Events Policing Grants Program
R089:  UBCM 2019 Community Excellence Awards Submissions
R090:  FCM Building Inclusive and Green Municipalities Partnership Update
R091:  2018 Election Summary and Amendments to Surrey Sign Bylaw, 1999, No. 13656
R092:  Surrey City Development Corporation ("SCDC") – 2019 Annual General Meeting
R093:  Surrey Homelessness and Housing Society – 2019 Annual General Meeting
R094:  Modernizing the BC Motor Vehicle Act
R095:  Construction of Roads and Water Mains on 24 Avenue, 194A Street and 28 Avenue
R096:  Award of Contract No. 4818-032-11:  North Surrey Utility Improvements – Phase 3
R097:  Award of Contract No. 4818-032-21:  North Surrey Utility Improvements – Phase 4
R098:  Award of Contract No. 1719-002-11:  2019 Collector Road Paving
R099:  Award of Contract No. 1717-070-11:  Anderson Creek Bridge Replacement
R100:  Proposed Lease of City Property Located at 9810 Foxglove Drive to the Provincial Rental Housing Corporation
R101:  GIS and Cityworks Software Enterprise License Agreement Renewal
R102:  Update on Single-Use Plastic and Other Items
R103:  Acquisition of Property at 10196 – 141 Street for Parkland Purposes
R104:  Award of Contract 1220-030-2019-022 – Park Opening and Closing Services
R105:  Recommendation for Hillcrest Village Shopping Centre Mural Proposal
R106:  Climate Action Revenue Incentive Program 2018 Reporting Requirements and 2018 Corporate Greenhouse Gas Emissions Inventory
R107:  Creation of an Ethics Office
R108:  Bus Transit Service Improvements in Surrey (2019-2020)
R109:  Amendments to Surrey Train Whistle Cessation By-law, 2012, No. 17535
R110:  Award of Contract 1220-060-2019-011 Purchase of Fire Service Self-Contained Breathing Apparatus
R111:  Award of Contract 1220-040-2018-049 for 75 foot Ladder Quint Fire Apparatus
R112:  Public Engagement Task Force – Terms of Reference Update
R113:  Amendments to Surrey Fee Setting By-law – Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act Services
R114:  Social Policy Advisory Committee Terms of Reference Update
R115:  City of Surrey Parking Enforcement and Security Guard Services
R116:  Crescent Beach Drainage Improvements Phase 2 – Construction Phase Increase to Consulting Agreement – ISL Engineering and Land Services Ltd.
R117:  Development Cost Charge Front-Ending Agreements and Development Works Agreements for Water and Sewer Infrastructure Works that Support Development in the Anniedale-Tynehead Neighbourhood Concept Plan
R118:  Award of Contract No. 4818-052-11:  Emergency Repair Work – Bolivar Creek Stormwater Chamber Replacement
R119:  Launch of a New Transportation Strategic Plan
R120:  Future of Rapid Transit in Surrey
R121:  License Agreement with Rogers Communications Canada Inc. for Use of Road Allowances
R122:  Acquisition of Property at 1916 – 176 Street for Parkland Purposes
R123:  Sponsorship Request – Darpan Extraordinary Achievement Awards
R124:  Sponsorship Request – Simon Fraser University Surrey Diwali Gala 2019
R125:  Funding Request – West Coast Kings Hockey Society
R126:  Report of Council Remuneration and Expense Payments for 2018
R127:  2018 Statement of Financial Information
R128:  Municipal and Regional District Tax Re-establishment
R129:  Community Enhancement Partnership Program Grant Application – Growing Together
R130:  Second Supplemental Funding Request – 2019 Cultural Grants Program
R131:  Award of Contract Invitation to Tender 1220-020-2019-002 for Cloverdale Library Improvements
R132:  Award of Contract Invitation to Tender 1220-020-2019-004 for Anniedale School & Surrey Town Hall Rehabilitation
R133:  North Surrey Recreation Centre Decommissioning Plan
R134:  Snow and Ice Operations – Winter Maintenance Preparedness and American Public Works Association Excellence in Snow and Ice Control Award
R135:  Award of Contract No. 1220-040-2019-030:  Supply and Delivery of Bulk Winter Road Salt
R136:  Award of Contract No. 1220-040-2019-024:  Supply of One CNG Fuelled Tandem Axle Dump Truck with Winter Maintenance Equipment
R137:  Award of Contract No. 1718-049-11:  2019 Traffic Signal and Intersection Improvements
R138:  Cost Contribution for the Replacement of Southern Railway of BC's Bridge Crossing of the Serpentine River
R139:  Award of Contract No. 1718-014-11:  192 Street Widening from 32 Avenue to 40 Avenue (Phase 2)
R140:  Annual (2018) Development Cost Charge Report
R141:  Proposed Lease of City Property Located at 14306 and 14308 – 108 Avenue to Fraser Region Aboriginal Friendship Centre Association
R142:  Sale of a Portion of City Park Property at 6275 – 128 Street to Facilitate the Construction of a New Water Pump Station by the Greater Vancouver Water District
R143:  Request to Commemorate the Victims of the Komagata Maru Incident Commemorative Naming of 75A Avenue (120 Street to 121A Street) and Storyboard
R144:  Resolution on Increased Access to Digital Publications for Library Users
R145:  135A Street Fence Beautification Project
R146:  Electrical Permit Fee Calculation Update for New Single Family Dwellings
R147:  Guildford Town Centre – 104 Avenue Corridor Stage 1 Plan
R148:  Award of Contract No. 1220-030-2019-006 for Licensed Security Guard Services and Related Services – Various City Facilities
R149:  Award of Contract No. 1220-030-2019-033 for Wide Area Network Services
R150:  Vaping and E-Cigarette Product Use and Sales and Proposed Amendments to Business License By-law, 1999, No. 13680
R151:  Surrey Coastal Flood Adaptation Strategy – Draft Strategy Document
R152:  Regional Harmonization of Truck Definition and Updating the Highway and Traffic Bylaw
R153:  Construction of 88 Avenue between 160 Street and 162 Street
R154:  Award of Contract No. 1220-040-2018-099:  Supply and Delivery of Fuels
R155:  Award of Contract No. 1218-005-11:  Bridgeview Water Main and Storm Sewer Replacement
R156:  Appointment of District Energy Expert Rate Review Panel Members
R157:  Surrey-Langley SkyTrain Project – Partnership Agreement Framework and Memorandum of Understanding
R158:  Surrey Disaster Mitigation and Adaptation Federal Government Contribution Grant
R159:  Quarterly Financial Report – Second Quarter - 2019
R160:  Request for Council Initiatives Funding – Newton BIA
R161:  Special Olympics BC – Funding Request
R162:  Quarterly Update on Program to Reduce Building Permit Wait Times
R163:  Grandview Heights Area #3 Neighbourhood Concept Plan – Stage 1 Proposed Land Use Concept
R164:  Policing Transition – Citizen Engagement Strategy Update
R165:  Pattullo Bridge Replacement Municipal Agreement and Memorandum of Understanding
R166:  BC Hydro Infrastructure Relocation for 160 Street Widening Between 26 Avenue and 32 Avenue
R167:  BC Hydro Infrastructure Relocation for the 192 Street Widening Between 32 Avenue and 40 Avenue
R168:  Approval of the Sale of a Closed Portion of Road Allowance Adjacent to 6173 – 144 Street (Step 2)
R169:  Award of Standing Offer Agreement No. 1220-060-2019-004 Hired Equipment Procurement
R170:  Award of Contract No. 1220-040-2019-045 Supply of Compressed Natural Gas Fueled Trucks
R171:  Acquisition of Property at 12336 – 103A Avenue for Parkland and Drainage Purposes
R172:  Acquisition of Property at 17759 – 58A Avenue for Parkland Purposes
R173:  Sponsorship Request – The Saheli Foundation
R174:  Award of Contract No. 1220-020-2019-006 Hawthorne Rotary Park Washroom and Waterpark
R175:  Community Enhancement Partnership Program Grant Application – Ocean Park Village Banners
R176:  Renewal of the Cloverdale Fairgrounds Operating Agreement with the Lower Fraser Valley Exhibition Association
R177:  Quarterly Update on Program to Reduce Building Permit Wait Times
R178:  Council Initiatives Fund Utilization Policy